Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365

Take your enterprise to the next level with Microsoft 365.

Discover the benefits of an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel,

and PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365

Transform your enterprise with Microsoft 365

Connect and empower every employee by equipping them with the all-rounded productivity apps of Microsoft 365.

Productivity and innovation are enhanced with the addition of a Microsoft 365 solution in the organisation.

Productivity Tools

Includes Office apps

Stay up to date on any device with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and More.

Email and calendaring

Connect with customers and coworkers using Outlook and Exchange.

Chat, calls, and meetings

Keep your team on the same page with chat, online meetings, and calling in Microsoft Teams.

Cloud Storage

Manage your files from anywhere with 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

Streamline business processess

Reduce manual paperwork

Digitizes manual and repetitive paper-based forms with Microsoft Forms.

Captured insights

Create surveys and polls to gather data and insights from employees and customers.

Make repetitive tasks easy

Automate everyday business processes with Power Automate

Works with the apps you already have

Access all your tools in one place with third-party app integrations in Microsoft Teams

Security & compliance matters

Defend against cyberthreats

Protect against viruses, malware, phishing attempts, ransomware, spam, and other threats.

Keep customer data safe

Protect information from cybercriminals, unauthorized access, and accidental deletion.

Secure your device

Help keep your data safe, even when accessed on employees’ personal devices.

Simplified IT management

Easily set up and manage users, devices, and data so you can focus on running your business.

Start to Protect Your Business

 Microsoft provide various of solutions in business. Not only for simplifying your business workflow, but also provide different cyber security solutions, setting up multi-levels of protection for preventing leakage of money, time and confidential documents.

SUPERHUB as Managed Service Provider, would consult you the suitable solutions of security for your business, deploy the protection plan and provide adoption training to your employees.


Transform Workplace Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Apart from Exchange and Outlook, which have a 95% adoption rate, Microsoft 365 comes with many other collaborative tools, such as OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. Some features highlighted include co-authoring of documents with a history of 500 versions, replacing file servers with remote access via SharePoint Online, as well as real-time video and web conferencing with Microsoft Teams.



Achieve more together with Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app in Microsoft 365 that lets your team stay organised, where you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate in one place, from wherever you are. Click HERE to see what is new in Microsoft Teams.


Protect Your Business with EMS

Ensuring security is key to any organization’s digital transformation. As an end-to-end solution, Microsoft 365 offers comprehensive features and unique intelligence across critical endpoints in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first business world. Microsoft 365 simplifies enterprise security by covering the following key areas, Identity & Access ManagementThreat Protection, Information Protection, and Security Management & Compliance.


How Microsoft 365 addresses common security challenges:


·        How is corporate data safeguarded for remote access?   Click on Identity & Access Management” to see the policy dimensions.

·        How is your identity protected against credential theft? Click on “Identity & Access Management” to see the scenario.

·        How to avoid Spam, Spoofing and Phishing email? Click on “Threat Protection” to understand the mechanism.

·        How is corporate data protected from being shared with unauthorised party?   Click on Information Protection”.

·        How is the unified management of security environment accounted for? Click on “Security Management & Compliance”.


Demonstrate Microsoft 365 Top Security Scenarios 

 View the Scenarios Now

Microsoft 365 simplifies security in one license

Streamline Your Business Process

With the integration of SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate, Microsoft 365 empowers business customers to automate processes and streamline workflows with customised mobile apps or forms.


•        Gather and manage data and files: SharePoint collects data and files, which integrates workflows and transforms business into an office that is paperless with e-approval in Teams Customer Solution or Power Apps.

•        Connect and integrate data sources: Power Automate allows business customers to automate data exchange, synchronise files and integrate on-premise or third-party services.

•        Build Apps that transform your business: With Power Apps, business customers can create apps to interact with data on SharePoint list and libraries, as well as other cloud and on-premise sources.


sharepoint power automate powerapp


Power Automate

Power Apps

Microsoft 365 Fosters Better Teamwork & Productivity

Mobile Worker Support

Mobile Worker Support

Easily supports team members with the ability to work anywhere from any device.


External Collaboration

External Collaboration

Appear professional when engaging in email correspondence and online communication with customers, co-workers and suppliers.


Enterprise-grade Security

Mobile Worker Support

Grant access to users and keep out threats.


Real-time Teamwork

Real-Time Teamwotkt

Work together with shared documents and online meetings.

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