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What is Email Security?

Email security is the practice of protecting email accounts and communications from unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Corporates can enhance their email security posture by establishing policies and using tools to protect against malicious threats such as malware, spam, and phishing attacks. Cybercriminals target email because it is an easy entry point to other accounts and devices—and it relies in large part on human error. All it takes is one misguided click to cause a security crisis for an entire organization.

Why is Email Security Important? 

Email has been a primary communication tool in the workplace for more than two decades. 

More than 333 billion emails are sent and received daily worldwide—and employees get an average of 120 emails a day. This spells an opportunity for cybercriminals who use business email compromise attacks, malware, phishing campaigns, and a host of other methods to steal valuable information from businesses.

Must-Know Statistics in 2024

Phishing is the most common form of cybercrime, with several reports estimating that 3.4 billion malicious emails are sent every day.

Verizon’s 2023 DBIR found that 36% of all data breaches involved phishing.

A new phishing website is created once every 20 seconds on average, according to DataProt

Consequences for Email Threats

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Financial Loss

Email attacks can lead to financial losses through fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access to financial accounts, or business disruption resulting in revenue loss.

Reputational Damage

Successful email attacks can tarnish an organization’s reputation, erode customer trust, and impact its brand value, resulting in long-term negative consequences

Legal and Regulatory Consequences

Email breaches may violate data protection laws such as the GDPR, exposing corporates to legal liabilities, penalties, and potential lawsuits.

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Operational Disruption

Email-based malware or ransomware attacks can disrupt business operations, leading to downtime, loss of productivity, and additional costs for incident response and recovery.

Why Do You Need a Third-party Email Security Plan?

Although Microsoft offers security protection on emails, many independent security researchers have pointed out that Microsoft 365 needs an extra layer of protection on email security from 3rd party security vendors. In fact, subscribers of Microsoft 365 are also adopting security products from other vendors. The difference is company brought a physical security product in front of the exchange server in the old days versus buying a cloud service integrating with their cloud M365 email service now.

Challenges for Microsoft 365 Email Security

Signature based antivirus and antispam engines

Signature-based protections have proven to be ineffective against the more sophisticated email attacks that have evolved and been launched

Incomprehensive Threat Protection

Microsoft’s Advance Threat Protection (ATP) fixes problems on their email vulnerability, but does not fix all of them yet. For instance, fileless attacks without signatures couldnot be detected by the ATP

“Allow” or “Block”  only

Microsoft’s ATP URL rewrite for M365 is only an “Allow” or “Block” decision, which is made at the time a user clicks on the link. However, any click before URL is “convicted” and user access is disallowed can lead to a risk of infection and Microsoft ATP does not provide a solution for web-based malware attacks

Why Green Radar?

Green Radar, a leader in email security, gives corporates peace of mind knowing that their digital communications are protected from potential breaches and your valuable information can remain private and safe from email threats.

Key Values of grMail

Clean and Safe Emails

Simply read and reply as needed, without having to second guess the malevolence of any emails received

Evolving Technologies to Meet Evolving Threats

Drawn on huge customer base and emails, grMail quickly identifies evolving threats and adapts to counter them. Techniques, local brands, client attributes are all used to better the accuracy of the filtering technology

No Operations Needed

Green Radar’s integrated MDR SOC, with its security operators and analysts, monitor and intervene where necessary to ensure that only clean emails are delivered to the recipients, taking away operational costs from clients.

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Your Trustworthy MSSP

With SUPERHUB, your trustworthy Managed Security Serivces Provider (MSSP), your biz can redirect attention to your essential priorities and relieve your team from the burden of threat investigation and response.

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Free Your IT Resources

Take the weight off your team’s shoulders by entrusting threat investigation and response to the team of cybersecurity experts at SUPERHUB. Your IT team therefore can dedicate their time and energy to other important tasks and priorities. 

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Rapid and Easy Deployment

Enjoy quick and effortless implementation of our easy-to-use security solutions, purpose-built to defend your cloud environment right out of the box. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of our solutions as they safeguard your valuable data and assets with ease.

Email is the first link in a chain of attacks, and with the rise of remote work, the use of cloud mailboxes and collaboration apps increased exponentially. 

SUPERUHB provides businesses with complete, full-suite protection that is constantly adapting and evolving to the ever-changing threat landscape, while providing security admins with an easy-to-deploy and manage platform, making your security offerings easy and efficient.

Act now to safeguard your biz from ever-changing cyberthreats today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email security?

Email security refers to the collective techniques and processes used to protect email accounts and communication from unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. It employs various technologies and practices to safeguard emails against spam, phishing attacks, malware, and other cyberthreats.

Why is email security important?

Email security is vital because email is often the primary method of communication in businesses and a common entry point for attackers. Protecting email is critical to safeguard sensitive information, prevent data breaches, and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of business communications.

What are the most common threats to email security?

The most common threats include phishing scams, where attackers masquerade as trustworthy entities to steal sensitive data; spam emails, which may contain malware; and email spoofing, where attackers forge the sender's address to trick the recipient.

How can I identify a phishing email?

Phishing emails often have telltale signs such as poor spelling and grammar, generic greetings, suspicious attachments, urgent or threatening language to provoke immediate action, and links to fake websites designed to steal login credentials.

Are free email security solutions sufficient for protecting my business?

While free solutions can provide a basic level of protection, they often lack the advanced features and comprehensive coverage required for businesses. Paid solutions generally offer more robust protection, such as advanced threat detection, encryption, and support.

How should I subscribe a suitable email security solution for my business?

You can choose your solution according to the compliance requirements, feature of your industry and the complexity of your business. You may refer to our blog to have a detailed guidance on choosing your email security solution.

How can I test my email security?

Here are 5 questions to help test your email security:

    1. Do you use a strong email password that combines uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters?

    2. Do you use encryption to send sensitive information?

    3. Have you enabled two-factor authentication which requires entering two separate authentication factors (a password or mobile-generated code)?

    4. Have you installed antivirus software on your devices?

    5. Do you pause and scan attachments and links before opening or clicking on them?

Why should you subscribe to a third party email security plan from a managed security service provider (MSSP)?

A third-party email security plan from a managed secure service provider can offer several benefits.


Firstly, managed service providers are experts in their field and can provide more advanced and comprehensive security measures than you might be able to implement on your own. They can also provide 24/7 monitoring and support, which means that any potential security threats can be detected and addressed quickly.


Additionally, a managed service provider can offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. They can also provide regular updates and patches to ensure that your email security remains up-to-date and effective against emerging threats.


Overall, investing in a third-party email security plan from a managed service provider can help you to better protect your email account and sensitive information from cyber threats.