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A cyberattack can affect your business in many ways. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), cybercrime cost $3.5 billion in losses in 2019, in which business email compromise (BEC) caused the most damages. Due to the popularity of email as an attack vector, enterprises must take measures to secure their email against frequent attacks to unauthorized access to accounts or communications.

Security Risk from Cyber Attack

How Secure is Email?

Microsoft 365 has become the standard productivity platform in enterprises. It is a cost-effective solution and provides a basic level of cloud email protection with Microsoft Exchange Online. The increasing use of Microsoft 365 becomes an attractive attack surface for cybercriminals, leading enterprises to seek additional cloud email protection, such as phishing email protection.

What is Email Security?

Email security is used to inspect incoming emails for malicious threats and encrypt outbound email traffic to protect mailboxes, data, users, and enterprises from cybersecurity attacks. As more enterprises choose to migrate to a cloud or hybrid email platform, it makes cloud email security tools increasingly important.

6 Best practices of Email Security

Here are 6 best practices that help enterprises to maintain secure in cloud or hybrid email platform,

1.    Execute phishing exercises

2.    Use Multi-Factor Authentication

3.    Report on Domain Fraud Protection

4.    Support on Quarantine and Remediate

5.    Adapt threat intelligence

6.    Consider an Add-on Integrated Cybersecurity Solution


Why do you need 3rd Party Security

Relying on security features in Microsoft Exchange is not comprehensive enough to keep enterprises away from cyberattacks. Microsoft Exchange Online includes only basic inbound and outbound email security; for advanced email protection, enterprises need to add-on features in Microsoft 365 or look to 3rd party cybersecurity solutions.


What is Barracuda

A comprehensive, elegant, and simple protection against email-borne threats to your users, brand, and business.

Most targeted cyber-attacks start with an email. The attacks interrupt business operations, cause financial damage, and compromise business integrity. Barracuda protects enterprises by extending traditional email security with a multi-faceted approach that protects all aspects of your email infrastructure.

With support on Barracuda’s email protection products, it provides an all-round security features that enterprises need. Barracuda email protection products are offered as SaaS subscriptions or appliance-based products for protecting Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and other email servers.

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Type of License

1.         Inbound / Outbound Security

·         Mail Scanning protection to screen senders’ entity (Is A/C valid?)

·         Advanced phishing email protection like “Typosquatting” for misspelled URLs

·         Spam Detection by content scoring (spam volume / Call-to-action)

2.         Secure Messaging

·         Data Loss Prevention & Message Encryption on top of M365 Biz basic

3.         Email Continuity

·         Network Protection by blocking unwanted email from DDOS

·         Email Service Downtime Coverage up to 96 hrs in case of MS EX failure

1.         Content-Aware AI (AI for Social Engineering)

·         Analyze user behavior by context rather than rule-based policy

2.         Domain Fraud Protection Reporting (Brand Protection)

·         Track Doman Fraud Protection’s status & report (fixed domain stolen issue & protect against brand misuse by hackers)

3         Account Takeover Defense

·         Stop hacker taking over an account by Identifying user behavior

1.         Incident Search & Response

·         Internal Phishing spread-out without going through email gateway can be stopped

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Why Barracuda

Ease of management and use

Ease of management and use

Access to quarantines email and personal settings on the Single admin portal

Customer Local Support

Customer Local Support

Local vendor support in Cantonese / English / Mandarin

Ease of deployment

Ease of deployment

Fast deployment in less than 5 mins

Value of SMBs

Value for SMBs

Low entry price to set up Enterprise-grade mulit-layered Email Security

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