SuperVault Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

SuperVault Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Professional, Reliable, Secure, and All-rounded BaaS

Cyberthreats are growing rapidly…

Ransomware Attacks strike relentlessly, happening every 10 seconds.

More than 70% of businesses worldwide have fallen prey to the malicious grip of ransomware.

The economic loss of global cybercrime on the economy has skyrocketed to USD$6 trillion, equivalent to HKD$47 trillion.

Source from Symply

Source from Statista

Source from Cybercrime Magazine

How does SuperVault safeguard
your valuable data and effectively counter this escalating menace?

SuperVault provides an All-Rounded Protection for your valuable data at every step…

Preventive Measures


Access Control:

Empower your business with access control mechanisms, ensuring that only authorized staff can access sensitive data

Remedial Measures

Workflow Automation | Microsoft Power Platform | SUPERHUB

Data Recovery:

Quick data restore from backups, minimizing downtime and mitigating the impact on operations



Regular Routines

Workflow Automation | Microsoft Power Platform | SUPERHUB

Awareness Training:

Provide regular staff training on cybersecurity awareness to enhance their knowledge and understanding, minimizing the risks associated with cyberthreats


Security Assessment:

Utilize SuperVault to regularly conduct security assessments, uncover vulnerabilities, and implement vital security enhancements


Version Control:

Maintains multiple versions of backed-up data, allowing businesses to restore to a specific point in time before the cyberattack occurred

MicrosoftCopilot_Approach_Compliance_SUPERHUB Copilot | Microsoft 365 | SUPERHUB

Backup Status Reports:

Provide regular backup status reports, empowering businesses to maintain full control over backup data and files

SuperVault helps businesses establish comprehensive and robust cybersecurity framework

to combat severe cyberthreats

6 Common Cybersecurity Challenges for Businesses

Accidental Deletion:

SuperVault is specifically crafted to provide businesses with a seamless and effortless solution for retrieving unintentionally erased files, effectively mitigating any disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Retention Policy Gaps and Confusion:

SuperVault empowers businesses to take full control of their data retention policies, enabling them to preserve their valuable information with utmost precision and accuracy. 



Legal and Compliance Requirements:

With SuperVault, businesses can confidently store and effortlessly retrieve data within specific timeframes, guaranteeing adherence to a range of legal obligations.


External Security Threats:

In the event of unexpected cyberattacks, businesses can swiftly regain access to compromised files using SuperVault. This not only helps minimize the disruption to day-to-day operations but also safeguards their reputation to the highest degree possible.

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Internal Security Threats:

Despite any malicious alterations, deletions, or tampering with data, businesses can effortlessly restore uncorrupted file versions using SuperVault, thus upholding the utmost integrity and security of their valuable information.

Microsoft Teams Rooms | SUPERHUB

Hybrid Email Deployments and Migrations:

SuperVault ensures seamless and comprehensive backup protection to Microsoft 365 for businesses throughout their entire email infrastructure, streamlining the management of hybrid email systems without any limitations based on deployment or migration status.

Why SuperVault?

SuperVault offers a professional, reliable, secure and all-rounded Backup-as-a-Service solution,

protecting your enterprise from cyberthreats

–   Offering individual full backup
–   Self-owned portal in Hong Kong
–   3-2-1 Backup principle applied
–   Meeting data security and compliance standards

–  Encrypt backup data with client-controlled encryption key

–   Value-added advisory service with regular reports
–   Robust flexible protection to meet various demands
–   Self-management available
–   Provide the best practice
–   Fast deployments and restore

–   Hand-on-hand support on backup administration
–   24/7 customer support

SuperVault offers a professional, reliable, secure and all-rounded BaaS solution, protecting your enterprise from cyberthreats


–  Tailor the perfect backup solution for your business
–  Provide flexible backup solutions to meet the diverse needs of business.
–  Quick deployment and data recovery
–  Provide backup reports to help businesses have a clear understanding of their data backup status.

–  Provide businesses with customized and all-rounded backup solutions
–  Onsite backup centers
–  Implement of the 3-2-1 principle
–  Meets various data security and regulatory requirements

–  Encrypt your backup data with enterprise-controlled encryption key
–  Offer private cloud data backup solutions tailored to your business needs


–  Implement a comprehensive range of security measures to safeguard your business from cyberattacks at every stage

–  Preventive Measures
–  Remedial Measures
–  Regular Routines



–  Microsoft 365 (M365) Backup
–  Endpoint Backup
–  Servers Backup



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Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the most efficient data backup approach?

Data experts place great trust in the comprehensive 3-2-1 backup rule as a secure and straightforward strategy for safeguarding data.

This rule is highly recommended for organizations with multiple computer systems, but even individual users who prioritize precaution can adopt it.

Your data backup plan should have:

3 copies of your data stored on

2 different types of media (such as external hard drives, network-attached storage, tape, or cloud storage) with

1 of them is located offsite, just in case something happens to your primary location

To guarantee the effectiveness of this rule, it is imperative to regularly review and adhere to its guidelines. In the realm of data backup, redundancy is of utmost importance.

Source from NovaBackup

Why Data Backup is so important?

Data backup is important because it prevents data loss, ensures business continuity, enables disaster recovery, protects against cyberthreats, and provides peace of mind.

How can I know if all my files and folders are successfully backed up or not?

SuperVault is a managed service backup solution in which subscribers can receive encrypted daily, weekly and quarterly reports on the status of all your backup files and folder, allowing you to have full control over your backup progresses.

Why should I subscribe to SuperVault?

SuperVault offers a professional, reliable, secure and all-rounded Backup-as-a-Service solution, protecting your enterprise from cyberthreats.

How often should I back up my data?

The frequency of backups depends on your business's needs and the criticality of the data.

SuperVault offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to set up daily, weekly, or custom backup intervals based on your requirements.

While every environment is different, we recommend starting out with these 3 standard backups and making adjustments:


System Image Backup: Once a month

Full File Backup: Weekly

Differential File Backup: Daily


Source from NovaBackup

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