Windows 365

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Windows 365 is a subscription-based cloud PC service. When you subscribes and sets it up, you get a remote Windows desktop you can access in any modern web browser from a PC or any mobile devices.

Essentially, you’re accessing a remote Windows PC via a virtual desktop system. You can install whatever Windows software you like and access Windows applications and a full Windows operating system environment through the browser.

The desktop environment is Always on.  In other words, if you have a bunch of application windows open and you disconnect (or close your browser), your desktop will be in the exact same state when you reconnect. Imagine moving from a Mac to an iPad or a Chromebook to a Linux PC and keeping the exact state of the desktop consistent between your devices. Every employee gets their own personalized cloud PC.

 Windows 365 Cloud PC is
Shifting Workforce and Organizational Needs

Remote and Hybrid Work

Elastic Workforce

Orangizational Expansion and Change

Bring Your Own PC ( BYOPC )

Security and Compliance

High-scale and Specialized Workloads

The Reasons that You Will Love Windows 365

End Users

•      Your users will be able to boot instantly to their Cloud PC, streaming their personalized Windows experience – their apps, content, and settings -- to any


•      Windows 365 is streamed from the cloud and travels with your users, always ready and always updated, wherever they need to work, on whatever device 

         they need to work on

•      They can pick up right where they left off, because the state of their Cloud PC remains the same, even when they switch devices. It’s a simple and versatile 

         Windows experience delivered by the Microsoft cloud


•      For IT, Windows 365 simplifies procurement, deployment, management, and updates because unlike other solutions, it uses virtualization behind the


•      It offers many configuration options to easily scale to meet employees’ needs, with the right processing power and storage to do their job, when and how

         they need it

•      Windows 365 is secure by design and built with the principles of Zero Trust, Windows 365 secures and stores information in the cloud, not on the device, 

         providing a secure, productive experience for users. Always up to date and building on the strength of rich Microsoft security capabilities and baselines,

         Windows 365 takes away layers of security complexity and recommends the best security settings for the environment at hand

•      We know that the procurement process can also be tedious for IT, and Windows 365 makes purchasing Cloud PCs easy with predictable per-user

         per-month pricing

Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop Comparison

Windows 365 Business

•      Simplest way to start your Cloud PC

•      Less users to manage

•      Microsoft provided standard desktop image

•      Microsoft managed network

•      Fixed Windows 365 monthly charge

Windows 365 Enterprise

•      Personalized Windows 365 Cloud PCs

•      Easy to manage through Endpoint Manager

•      Support multiple desktop image

•      Customer managed networking

•      Fixed Windows 365 monthly charge+ Azure networking charge on pay as you go basis

Azure Virtual Desktop

•      Flexibility and control

•      Multi-session Windows VMs

•      Data residency and geo requirements

•      Remote app streaming

•      Specialized GPU and HPC workloads

•      Scalable compute and storage

•      Shared access available

•      Fully pay as you go model

Windows 365 Enterprise Requirement



Users w/ Windows Pro endpoints : W10 E3 + EMS E3 or M365 F3/E3/E5/BR ; Users w/ Non-Windows Pro endpoints : Win VDA E3 + EMS E3 or M365 F3/E3/E5/BR



Admin Permissions

M365 : Intune Service Admin (Standard MEM RBAC after provisioning) Azure : Subscription Owner (Setup network connection)



Azure Subscription

At least 1 needed for an Azure Virtual Network




Azure Virtual Network with line of sight to Domain Controller



Machine Identity

Hybrid Azure AD Join (HAADJ)



User Identity

Hybrid users (AD + AAD)




Gallery or BYO in Azure (Win10 Ent 19H1+)




Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Supports SCCM co-management)


Windows 365 Security

1.         Reliable Patching

      Always online means timely and consistent updates applied across all your PCs

2.         Reduced Threat Exposure

      Intelligent access control and real-time monitoring/mitigations

3.         Prevent Data Leakage

      Clean isolation of sensitive data prevents employee mistakes

4.         Unlock BYOPC

      Unmanaged personal devices securely access all corporate apps and data

5.         Standard Cloud PC Users

      Users don’t have local administrator rights by default


1.         Identity

      Azure Active Directory

2.         Security Management

      Microsoft Endpoint Manager

3.         Endpoint Security

      Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Superhub Managed Service and Customer Journey for

Windows 365 Cloud PC



  • Secure Score
  • Assessment Scan
  • Workshop



  • Best Practice Configuration
  • Questionnaire & Consulting
  • Fit to Required Policy



  • Setup Procedures
  • Executed Security Setup Compliance
  • Handover & Knowledge Sharing

Managed Service

Managed Service

  • Ongoing Support
  • Advisory Services
  • Add-on Services