ParaDM SmartShare

SmartShare Enterprise (eDMS)

SmartShare Enterprise is a secure platform for sharing and collaboration  designed for users in the digital age with numerous innovative functions that help develop digital culture in your environment to facilitate successful digital transformation.

Key Advantages

•                  Manage documents with an easy-to-use web-based user interface


•                  Support drag-and-drop operations on file uploads and document revision


•                  Support online instant preview of Office documents, PDF and images Support check-in/check-out of documents with version control features


•                  Support assigning individual access rights to each top-level folder


•                  Support tagging on documents for easy classifications and retrieval


•                  Allow users to leave comments on documents


•                  Allow users to subscribe documents and receive notifications when document are uploaded, revised or deleted


•                  Allow authorized users to turn on Team Alerts so that notifications will be sent to group users when document are uploaded, revised or deleted


•                  Support storing personal files to My Documents


•                  Support searching documents and folders by name, content in both English and Chinese or by tags


•                  Favorite Folder function to allow fast access frequently used documents conveniently with just one-click


•                  Self Service User Account Activation and Account Maintenance


•                  Centralized control of user accounts while minimizing workloads of administrator with easy-to-use self-service user account activation and maintenance.                         Administrator can easily setup user accounts by entering email addresses and names only. Activation emails will be sent to corresponding users with                                     activation links. Users can setup their own password themselves


•                  Daily account maintenance like Reset Password can be performed by users without involvement of administrator or IT


•                  Only need a mobile browser to access SmartShare Online


•                  Two factors Authentication


•                  Audit Log


•                  All activities of document access, such as upload or deletion of documents, move of documents, etc. will be logged for audit purpose

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Instant Benefits of Enterprise Class eDMS Function

SmartShare Advanced Sharing

Next-gen document sharing functions with external parties with full control. Includes version control, expiry date setting for self-destructive document and many others to ensure the sharing of documents with confidence.

Key Features & Benefits of Advanced Sharing

•                Sharing of important business documents with external parties with full control. These Include our innovative T2 and self-destructive document functions                         unfound in other eDMS


•                Effective collaboration with business partners with easy tracking of communications


•                Facilitate effective project management and communications while document exchanges are immediately tracked and updated


•                Sharing of promotional materials, catalogs, product leaflets etc. for anonymous access by potential customers for content marketing, social media and                                   digital marketing purposes with tracking of document access

SmartShare for Business - Data Analytics

Provide key data statistics and insights of document views and downloads to help analyze document usage and readers’ behaviors.

Powerful Analytics Functions

•              Document analytics functions to track and record metrics and statistics of document access, upload/download or sharing


•              Provides key information and insights through tracking, analysis, benchmarking, rating, comparisons of metrics and data to help you make well-informed                             business decisions. This can assist you to evaluate, assess the effectiveness and fine-tune your campaign

Control Access, Authentication and Authorization

Easily configure permissions for your organization to ensure that the right people have the right level of access to company information.

Strong Security Features

•              Strong Authentication Customize password strength requirements, resets, failed logins, session duration and two-factor authentication


•              Granular Authorization With seven levels of permission for access, preview, editing, and sharing, you can ensure individual users and groups can only see                           what they need to


•              Flexible Access Controls Password-protect confidential presentations and financial documents. Set automatic expiration dates for sensitive files


•              Two-step verification Security feature adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Once two-step verification is enabled, SmartShare will require your                     password and a six-digit security code sent via text message or a separate authentication app when signing in or linking a new device

Innovative Smart Button

Innovative function to streamline and automate frequently used document filing processes.

Versatile Smart Button Functions

•              Allow users to upload files into frequently used document types and folders with the press of a single button


•              Standardize documents by uploading files to same location and assigning same tags to each document type


•              Support drag-and-drop operations on file uploads with SmartButtons


•              Support assigning individual access rights on each SmartButton

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