Teams Phone

A Complete Unified Communication Solution for
Microsoft Teams Calling

The work-from-home phenomenon has seen Microsoft Teams become the fastest growing business app, but Microsoft Teams itself does not enable dial-in or dial-out fixed line and mobile number calls by default.

To realize a true Remote Hybrid Workplace on Microsoft Teams, move your enterprise to Microsoft Teams Calling with superhub’s Phone+, a Direct Routing as a Service. It is a flexible cloud PSTN replacement, via monthly subscription for Microsoft voice total solution.

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Microsoft 365 Teams Phone for Corporate

All-in-one Communication

Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email

Save Cost with Intelligent Calling

Communicate with more flexibility, ease, and intelligence so you can stay connected

Delivered from Microsoft’s Cloud

Work confidently with a reliable and secure cloud-based solution

Integrated Teams Calling in Microsoft 365

Teams in Microsoft 365 provides business calling for people by combining phone system with direct routing – meaning a connection of SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams so that an office worker can dial-in and out unlimited local calls using desktop, notebook, tablets or any smartphone devices through Microsoft Teams anywhere.

We provide the pre-configured direct routing platform connected with Microsoft Teams, Hong Kong local direct line phone number for each user mapping Microsoft Teams account.

Best User Experience in a Single App

Best User Experience in a Single App

Simplify your communications by unifying calling with chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams with SSO.

Built-in Conferencing for Collaboration

Built-in Conferencing for Collaboration

Add flexibility to your meetings with online & offline experience (meeting no#) for collaboration.

Do Your Best Work, In One Suite

Do Your Best Work, In One Suite

Unified contacts and calendars across Teams & Outlook. Collaborate in the Office apps with SSO.

Comprehensive Managed Services

From initial consultation, required license subscription, configuration to direct routing platform, to managed roll-out and ongoing support – we take care of it all. Our Microsoft specialists will work with you to ensure a secure, compliant and consistent implementation for the entire Microsoft deployment and adoption journey.

Enterprise-Grade Calling

Enterprise-Grade Calling

Keep your business running smoothly with built-in redundancy and local-balancing.

Manage in Office 365

Manage in Office 365

Setup and management are centralized in the familiar Office 365 admin console.

One Provider

One Provider

Save time and money with one solution, one bill, and one low-monthly price.

Cost Saving Practices with Intelligent Calling

Communicate with more flexibility, ease and intelligence so you can stay connected wherever and whenever you need.

Call Anytime, Anywhere with Productivity

Call Anytime, Anywhere with Productivity

Stay connected with a single phone number across devices and regions - saving IDD & roaming cost.

Replace Legacy PBX & Conferencing H/W

Replace Legacy PBX & Conferencing H/W

Saving maintenance cost from legacy PBX phone system, conferencing system and endpoints.

AI-Powered Intelligence

AI-Powered Intelligence

Automatic voicemail transcription, chat translation and speech recognition for auto attendant.

Empowered Experience with Full-suite Features

Teams Phone features include dial-in & out HK local call, call waiting, hold/transfer call, on-hold music, voicemail, simultaneous ring and distinctive ringtone, and more…

·     Calling from Any Device & Anywhere                                                              ·     Visual Voicemail

·     Call Park                                                                                                                             ·     Voicemail-to-email

·     Call Forwarding                                                                                                             ·     Caller ID

·     Call Transfer: Supervised & Blind                                                                       ·     One Touch Calling

·     Call Delegation                                                                                                              ·     Dial by Name or Number

·     Call Screening                                                                                                                 ·     Presence

·     Call Hold                                                                                                                             ·     Outlook Integration

·     Call Logs                                                                                                                              ·     Calling Built-into Microsoft Teams

·     Call Blocking                                                                                                                     ·     Teams Desktop & Mobile Apps

·     Do Not Disturb / Breakthrough                                                                            ·     Teams-Certified Devices

·     Distinctive Ringtones                                                                                                  ·     Integrated Add Participants to a 1:1 Call

·     Group Call Pickup                                                                                                          ·     Audio Conferencing

·     Shared Line Appearance (Boss & Sec.)                                                              ·     Unique Conferencing Dial-ins

·     Federated Calling                                                                                                           ·     Conferencing up to 250 Participants

·     Delegation                                                                                                                          ·     AI-powered translation & Transcription

·     Cloud PBX                                                                                                                                  ·     Toll-free Numbers

·     Number Porting                                                                                                                     ·     Company & User Phone Numbers

·     Multi-level Auto Attendant                                                                                             ·     Extensions

·     Multilingual IVR                                                                                                                     ·     Integrated Calling Plan

·     Call Queue                                                                                                                                ·     Bring Your Own Calling Plan (Direct Routing)

·     Music on Hold                                                                                                                         ·     Performance Reports

·     Global Call Routing                                                                                                              ·     Quality of Service Reports

·     Location Based Routing                                                                                                    ·     Call Logs

·     Emergency Location Based Routing                                                                         ·     Call Monitoring

·     Exchange Calendar Call Routing                                                                                 ·     Call Analytics

·     Teams Messaging, Meetings & Event Policies                                                     ·     Call Quality Dashboard­

·     Multi-site Support                                                                                                               ·     Device Management

·     24×7 Customer Support with CSP                                                                             ·     Media Bypass Support

·     Single Sign-On                                                                                                                        ·     Expanded SBC Support

·     Local Numbers                                                             

Devices and Conferencing Solutions that Matter

For remote business calls or virtual meetings with clients, or other important external guests, you need technology that can assure you quality, reliability and won’t disappoint you.


For every work experience, for any space and any working style, there’s a Microsoft Teams device to choose from. Having Teams UI on desk phone delivers a seamless Teams experience across a variety of certified devices. Microsoft Teams Rooms brings a modern, easy to use and consistent experience to all meeting spaces with one touch join and a rich set of AI enabled capabilities.

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Microsoft 365 Teams Voice for Corporate

All-in-one Communication

Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email

Save Cost with Intelligent Calling

Communicate with more flexibility, ease, and intelligence so you can stay connected

Delivered from Microsoft’s Cloud

Work confidently with a reliable and secure cloud-based solution

What is Microsoft Teams

It’s the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365

+500,000 Companies use Teams

17% Reduced Times for decision-making

Save 4H/Week with the increase of collaboration 

18.9% Reduce time spent on meetings

How Teams help corporate collaboration?

Due to the changes of modern workplace, the use of cloud collaboration tools becomes a norm in corporations. Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing communication applications. It supports not only persistent but also threaded chats to keep everyone engaged. Teams conversations can be view in private, among the teams and even in specific channels.

Microsoft Teams brings together the full breadth and depth of Microsoft 365 to provide an integrated hub for teamwork. With the use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and so on, people can have all the information and tools with a single sign-on and compatible to Microsoft 365 advanced security.

How to get every "Teams" in control

4 Painpoints for Microsoft Teams Governance

Team Sprawl

Team Sprawl

  • New self-creation without control
  • Unmanageable after rollout
  • Waste cloud resources
  • Compliance issues
  • Poor user experience 

Confusing Names

Confusing Names

  • Improper, confusing and non-standard naming methods
  • Hard to navigate, discover and collaborate
  • Even might enter wrong teams

Orphan Teams

Orphan Teams

  • Used as personal file storage and share
  • No owner after leaving
  • Hidden unmanageable

Admin Challenges

Admin Challenges

  • No templates in speedy creation
  • Inconsistent use of channels, tags and apps
  • Hard to apply common changes to multiple Teams

Make it easier for the users to do the “right” thing

Functions of Powell Teams

·        Create Teams templates with predefined settings. All the mandatory channels, tabs and applications, will be created according to company best practice.

·        Only users in specific role can access to the specific Teams template, e.g. only Salesperson can create Teams using Sales Template.

·        Prevent the creation of duplicate Teams with approval workflows. The designated template approvers can review if there is any existing or similar Teams, and approve or reject the Teams creation.

·        Ensure Teams names with consistency and easily understandable. Team names can be auto-generated by defining searchable tags, auto-numbers, dates, text segment, etc.

·       Promote recent activities, news, documents, events and conversations

·       Filter keywords in tags to pinpoint targeted Teams

·      Add Teams to My favourite for easy access

·      Avoid orphan Teams by maintaining minimum number of active owners and members


The Powell Teams difference

We make Microsoft Teams governance easier

Powell Teams is an adoption and governance app that will advance and strengthen your company’s Microsoft Teams usage. Add new features, templatize engaging page designs, build governance and make your Microsoft Teams environment easy to use for employees on every level. With Superhub’s Teams best-practice consultancy, you can utilize Powell Teams in days after installation.

Users can access to designated Teams and corresponding information easily by searchable tags, favourite and promoted Teams. This will shorten the learning path of new and existing employees. Users are more willing to collaborate in Teams, and more information is shared inside, to form a valuable corporate knowledge base. Hence it can improve the overall productivity.

Teams creation is under control with the best practice designed templates to improve the usability of Teams. Number of inactive or abandoned Teams can be reduced to save cloud resources. Life cycle management to archive expired Teams to contain the risk of sensitive information leakage. Corporate data security can be enhanced.

With improved user adoption and governance, users are encouraged to access to key Office 365 features, including Planner, Power BI, Files, Tasks, etc., without leaving Microsoft Teams application. Microsoft Teams can be transformed into Intranet Communication Portal with employee self-service function, e.g. eLeave, eClaims, eOnboarding in Superhub’s App365+ HR apps portfolio.


How to integrate with teams

Powell Teams can be installed into your organization’s Office 365 tenant via Teams’ App marketplace, or via Superhub’s marketplace. A new icon for Powell Teams will be on the sidebar, and every functions and features can be accessed there. Powell Teams does not require a service account with password for security concern. It leaves no footprint in your Office 365 tenant and has no impact on your content and structure even after uninstallation. As data security is also the most important topic, only Teams template data will be kept on Powell’s Azure datacentres, without any organization contents.

Why Superhub

Superhub enables our customers with consultancy service on Customers’ best practices to achieve governance and compliance. The best practices are tested and adopted by ourselves and our clients.

Superhub ensures our customers that the project will be implemented as smooth and easy as possible. Our experienced project and technical teams can help you to plan, design and deploy the solution so you can focus on your business.

Superhub’s Online Market Place provides a one-stop shop experience to our customers in managing their subscription, invoicing and support services

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