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Office 365 x Crossware Email Signature

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A cloud-based email signature solution that automatically creates professional and compliant email signatures across all devices, supported by SUPERHUB service to ensure a successful transition and smooth journey.

Why Do You Need Email Signatures?

The End of Boring Email Signatures

Create, Change, & Unify all Email Signatures in Your Enterprise with Just One Click for All Employees

Solution Features

Crossware offers a wide range of enterprise-grade features that help your email signatures stand out.

With easily customizable rules and the ability to build your signature in blocks, you choose when and where you would like each signature or signature block to be applied. Your options are almost endless.

Our advanced rich text and HTML editors make creating your new Email Signatures easy and fun! Our Office 365 version even includes a ‘drag and drop’ function.

Using built-in access control, Crossware Mail Signature allows organizations to grant non-admins (individuals or groups) access to the powerful Signature Designer.

Email Signature | Crossware | SUPERHUB


Crossware Email Signature supports Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and HCL Domino.

From the initial consultation to the deployment process – SUPERHUB takes care of it all.

Email Signature | Crossware | SUPERHUB

Ease Company-wide Email Signature Management

  • Centrally Manage All Signatures From A Single Dashboard
  • Maintain Consistent Email Signatures Across All Devices
  • Enable Each Department To Edit and Control Their Signature

Simplifying Professional Email Signature Design

  • Turn Ordinary Email Signatures Into Engaging Tools
  • Upload Custom Images, Logos, Links and Fonts
  • Create Multiple Templates Using Drag-and-drop Features
Email Signature | Crossware | SUPERHUB
Email Signature | Crossware | SUPERHUB

Extending Marketing Campaigns to Corporate Email Signatures

  • Run Campaigns and Promotional Banners
  • Drive Brand Awareness and Engagement
  • Collect 1-click Surveys and Ratings

How Digitalization Empowers Your Enterprise?

Crossware for Departments

Making life easier for Marketing, IT, Legal and Sales Teams!

Whether you are an organization of 50 or 10,000, Crossware caters to the needs of every department in the organization –

saving time and increasing productivity!

  • Marketing Department
  • IT Department
  • Legal Department
  • Sales Department

Drive additional engagement with this untapped opportunity as well as maintain brand consistency across all devices & teams. Crossware’s seamless product extension into consumer feedback, reviews, and surveys enables you to understand your customers better & improve brand equity.

·      Communicate product updates and new releases

·      Announce company and PR events

·      Run marketing banners with a call to action

·      Unify branding and messaging across all emails

Quickly update an individual or a group’s email signature from one platform within a few minutes. Implement company-wide changes within minutes.

·      GDPR Compliant and ISO certified

·      Segment signatures based on department

·      Assign access to users or groups

·      Create custom blocks and rules

With Crossware’s dynamic disclaimers, you can now ensure every email sent from any device in the organisation is fully compliant with disclaimer laws worldwide. Add a layer of legal protection to each email with custom disclaimers.

·      Centrally managed disclaimers

·      Compliant signatures on all devices

·      Implement worldwide disclaimer laws

Crossware signature solutions give sales teams the tools they need to close more deals.

·      Run banners for special offers

·      Insert Request a demo link

·      Schedule a call and calendar booking buttons

·      Upsell and cross-sell to existing customers

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the price of Crossware Mail Signature

The price of Crossware Mail Signature depends on the plans you choose. It can vary depending on the company size. If you wish to know the details, please contact our professional advisors, they will suggest the best solution plan as per your request.  


What is Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature application that simplifies the creation and maintenance of company email signatures. Sleek, compliant, and personalized email signatures are automatically added to each email, no matter what device you’re sending from. Crossware Mail Signature works for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, HCL Domino, and HCL SmartCloud Notes.


How does the Signature Centralization work?

Crossware Mail Signature allows you to set up a centralized. An email signature template(s) for your entire organization. Each time you send an email, your personal information is pulled dynamically from your directory into the email signature and your email signature is affixed according to your configuration settings. 


Why use it over the standard client email signature feature?

Using Crossware Mail Signature instead of the generic, built-in email signature tool has several advantages for you and your organization. Save time and money by centralizing signatures across the company – branding, advertising, legal compliance and more changed all in one go. Get signatures on your emails, no matter what device you send from (including mobile). Flexibly create and apply different email signatures for different senders/recipients/dates/promotional campaigns. No more relying on individuals to make updates. 


Can different branches/locations/teams have different email signatures?

Yes, many of our customers set up various email signatures according to the different departments/divisions in their organizations. For instance, companies with one branch in New York and another in Los Angeles can have completely different signature configurations automatically applied. These can be based on groups in your Address Book, domain names, or even based on conditional rules. 


Why do we need to manage our email signatures?

In our increasingly technologically advanced work lives, emails are often our main form of communication with partners, prospects, clients and colleagues. Each email is not just an opportunity to send a message, it also offers a space for building your brand, advertising and engaging with your recipient. Email Signatures are the perfect space for this. They also offer a space for legal compliance, allowing you to ensure that everything your organization does is legally above board. With Crossware Mail Signature, we allow your organization to centrally design and apply beautiful, custom email signatures for your email recipients that can help you to build engagement and awareness.


Can I add different signatures for internal/external recipients?

Yes, you can. There’s no need to create two different signatures for internal and external recipients: instead, you can simply apply internal/external settings on your signatures depending on whether recipients are internal or external to the company. For instance, if you want a signature that showcases your contact information to everyone, but only shows a legal disclaimer to external recipients.


What are the server installation requirements?

All major Domino Server platforms from Version 8.0 and upward are supported, along with HCL Lotus Notes clients from Version 8.0 and above running on Windows/ Linux/ Macintosh. On Microsoft, we support Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.


What happens if we migrate to another email platform?

 Many of our clients are concerned about losing their signature configurations when they move to a new email platform. Don’t worry – we offer a supportive environment for migration. If you are on a subscription pricing plan, you can easily move between our products at no extra cost. If your company decides to migrate to many of our supported platforms, contact your local Crossware Sales Manager to discuss the migration process.


Source: Crossware