Superhub Hosted Exchange

Superhub Hosted Exchange

With Superhub Hosted Exchange, you can enjoy easy migration to 99.99% guaranteed and well-supported business-class email. We strive to motivate organizations to be more collaborative and, ultimately, lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Empower your workforce with Superhub Hosted Exchange Mail in HK and overseas. Email migration is simple and quick, providing shared calendars, folders, address books, tasks and contacts in one single inbox for email, voicemail, and fax. Now your employees can always stay connected and in-sync.

Read on to understand the benefits of Hosted Exchange and optimize your business operations with sophisticated cloud-based solutions in HK from Superhub today.

Why Go Hosted Instead of On-Premises

View the comparison below and explore why Superhub Hosted Exchange in HK is the best for your business.
The benefits of hosted exchange compared to on-premises are numerous. Our top-tier plan facilitates full accessibility across devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile, as well as value-added Mailtips that notify you about potential mistakes before pressing send.

Your data is always protected thanks to advanced security, support services and guaranteed mailbox resiliency offering disaster recovery plus backup from database, server, and network failures.

On-Premise Exchange

All the Exchange infrastructure and software components are deployed, running and managed in the organization’s data center, by the company IT personnel.
Your company needs to allocate significant funds to hardware and software expenses.
Purchase separate costly servers and software licenses for email and install them manually.
Ongoing maintenance cost for the exchange servers farm, such as Exchange administrator and hardware replacements

Superhub Hosted Exchange

Renting infrastructure resources and Exchange management expertise from Superhub to run the application on an off-site server in a secure, hardened data center.
Minimal initial upfront commitments of installation and no commitments for infrastructure, hardware and licensing.
With Superhub Hosted Exchange, email migration is instant and fully scalable.
Superhub Hosted Exchange Mail goes beyond to offer robust communication and collaboration functionality across email, with on-the-go access to important information. Click Compare Plans to discover the right plan for your business.

On-Premise Exchange Superhub Hosted Exchange

Deployment Time

Days or even weeks


Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)


  • Organization must budget significant hardware and software capital expenses


  • Minimal initial upfront commitments of installation and no commitments for infrastructure, hardware and licensing

Exchange Pricing


  • Heavy and unpredictable expenses such as data storage growth fees, server and equipment maintenance and annual software charges


  • Forecastable “Pay-as-you-go” model with predictable budget

  • One time costs with data migration



  • Future growth of the organization is uncertain


  • Superhub provides a scalable mailbox size

Anti-virus & Anti-spam

Time consuming


Wireless Options

Separate licenses and servers needed


Wireless E-mail for ActiveSync

Purchase separate (expensive) servers and software licenses, install them manually

Add instantly though online control panel


Time-intensive in-house effort or another external service to manage

Add instantly

Extra Storage Space

Purchase and install additional disk drives

Add instantly

Advanced Anti-Spam

Additional costs

for software and maintenance

Add instantly