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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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  • Easy Workflow 
  • Faster Problem Detection 
  • Faster Process
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Business Operation


Business Operation 

  • Actionable Insights 
  • Diverse Business Support 
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Optimize Spending


Optimize Spending 


  • Stable & Predictable Pricing 
  • Consumption Tracking 
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  • Accuracy 
  • Flexible Adaptation 
  • Innovation 

Elevate Your Productivity with AI-Powered Versatility

Multi-Purpose Bots on Different Occasions

Explore the full potential of your workflow with our AI-driven bots. From intelligent Search Bot and Document Bot to dynamic Image Output, this assistant supports your diverse business needs. 

Support Google and Bing Search, empowering LLM (Large Language Model) content with up-to-date internet resources. 

Automate tedious tasks like information extraction, summarization, freeing you up to focus on higher-value work. 

Leverage advanced computer vision AI to rapidly analyze images and extract insights, empowering your team to ideate and communicate more effectively. 

Automate repetitive process steps, surface relevant information, and streamline cross-team collaboration, helping your organization optimize operations and drive greater productivity. 

Generate custom visuals, illustrations, and graphics on demand, empowering your team to rapidly create compelling visual content without specialized design skills. 

Generate custom data visualizations quickly, from basic charts to advanced infographics, allowing your team to transform complex information into impactful visual stories.


SuperBot is accessible through any standard web browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

SuperBot can be configured as a widget, which implies a small, possibly floating interface that users can interact with while they navigate the website.

SuperBot can be installed as a Chrome extension. In this case, users can add it to their Chrome browser and interact with SuperBot easily while they browse the internet or perform other activities online, not just limited to interacting with one website.

Public Messenger

WhatsApp/WeChat integration with exclusive number enrollment. Effortless communication for employees/subscribers, no account creation needed. 

Add-on Feature


SuperBot possesses the ability to learn on its own. You can like or dislike its responses, or even annotate them. SuperBot will use this feedback to understand and adapt to your preferred type of answers. 


ChatGPT Free · ChatGPT Plus · SuperBot

ChatGPT Free ChatGPT Plus SuperBot

Data Privacy (data used for training)


Opt-in by default


AI Model (model type)

Generative Text model specializing in dialogue

Multi-model including image and text input and generating text output

Same as ChatGPT Plus and more

AI Model



GPT-4.5 and more


+Generate text content

+Text summarization


+Write and debug code

+Analyze and explain images

+Accept text and images as input

+API Integration




+Additional features: Infobot, Searchbot, Comparebot, Photobot, Visionbot


Overuse doesn't mean a shutdown, Just a slowdown

SuperBot offers a standard package with a comprehensive set of features, including web search, a knowledge bank, file comparison, photo and chart generation, and self-learning capabilities. The package also includes robust infrastructure setup, ensuring a high capacity for concurrent users without any limitations on the number of user accounts within your organization.

Enjoy unlimited usage within your budget, a luxury other companies can't offer

Simple and Predictable Pricing​

The pricing depends on three constituents:​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperBot?

Superbot is an advanced AI platform designed to supercharge LLMs with a variety of powerful tools. With SuperBot, creating a custom chatbot and workflow for your personal or organizational needs has never been easier. Access your chatbot seamlessly across multiple communication channels and choose the perfect output method to enhance both effectiveness and creativity. Unleash the full potential of AI with SuperBot today.

Where can I access SuperBot?

SuperBot offers flexible web-based access through various methods, including browsers, widgets, and a Chrome extension. Additionally, SuperBot supports instant messaging channels like Microsoft Teams, WeChat, and WhatsApp, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred communication platforms.

What is ChatGPT? And how is SuperBot different from ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. It's designed to understand and generate human-like text, making it capable of engaging in conversations, answering questions, providing recommendations, and much more.  
SuperBot is a sophisticated AI platform that enhances AI capabilities by integrating advanced tools for more powerful usage. Beyond just understanding context and generating human-like content, SuperBot allows you to leverage internet resources, organizational knowledge, and advanced data processing. This empowers the AI model for a broader range of applications, offering unparalleled flexibility and functionality. 
Together, ChatGPT and SuperBot represent the cutting edge of AI technology, providing robust solutions for natural language processing, advanced data handling, and dynamic content generation.

What is responsible AI?

Responsible AI is AI that is designed, developed, and deployed in a way that takes into account ethical, legal, and societal considerations. This includes considering the potential for unintended consequences, being transparent about how decisions are made, and respecting privacy. Responsible AI also requires building trust and ensuring accountability, as well as ensuring that individuals are not discriminated against due to their race, gender, or other protected characteristics.

Will AI replace me at work?

No, AI is not designed to replace people in the workplace. AI is designed to make certain tasks more efficient, but it will not be able to take over more complex tasks that require human judgment, decision-making, and creativity. AI can help businesses become more efficient and productive, but it won't replace the need for humans in the workplace.  
AI can create drafts of content but it's still important to have a human in the loop to review, edit, and approve the content AI has created.

How much is SuperBot?

SuperBot offers a standard package with a comprehensive set of features, including web search, a knowledge bank, file comparison, photo and chart generation, and self-learning capabilities. The package also includes robust infrastructure setup, ensuring a high capacity for concurrent users without any limitations on the number of user accounts within your organization.

How long does the application deployment take?

Deploying SuperBot is a swift process that typically takes less than a day. Once deployed, the platform is ready for your organization to utilize immediately. Begin creating your own knowledge bank, customized chatbot, and advanced workflows with ease. 

How to choose the right plan for me?

Our Cloud Advisor will have a meeting with you to further understand your business and what problems you are trying to solve, and hence choose a suitable plan for you.

Is a VPN required in Hong Kong to access GPT-4 via SuperBot?

You don't need a VPN to access SuperBot. Simply use any device with internet access to connect to SuperBot from anywhere!