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Over the past seven decades since John McCarthy introduced the concept of “artificial intelligence,” we have witnessed a continuous stream of technological advancements. From the advent of personal computing to the proliferation of the internet, mobile devices, cloud computing, and now, generative AI, each wave of innovation has brought forth fresh prospects and raised important questions for leaders. How can these technologies be leveraged to drive organizational success? 

5 Pillars for AI Success

Business Strategy

Precisely outlined and given priority, the business goals, practical applications, and assessment of AI's worth

Technology Strategy

Offer you seamless integration and leverage the capabilities of AI. With clear guidelines for building or purchasing AI solutions and strategic hosting plans, you can maximize desired results.

AI Strategy & Experience

With vast experience in developing and achieving value from AI across different dimensions and business units, we deliver accurate results.

Organization & Culture

Our operational framework includes strong leadership support, change-management processes, ongoing learning opportunities, and collaborations with subject-matter experts, ensuring smooth operations.

AI Governance

Prioritize data privacy, security, and responsible AI utilization through robust processes, controls, and accountable structure to ensure your data is protected and handled responsibly with the utmost care.

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The AI service applies advanced machine learning to extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from documents automatically and accurately. 

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Suggested Steps to Get Started

Implementing AI pillars for business success can vary depending on the industry and specific business goals. However, here are some general steps that businesses can follow to start implementing AI effectively. To learn more, please feel free to click here for detailed guidance.

  • Business Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • AI Strategy & Experience
  • Organization & Culture
  • AI Governance

-          Clearly define and give priority to key business objectives, including enhancing customer experience, improving productivity, driving revenue growth, enhancing employee experience, and other crucial goals.

-          Establish a robust measurement framework to assess the value and impact of these objectives.

-          Identify and prioritize AI use cases that align with and contribute to achieving your defined goals.

-          Develop a comprehensive portfolio management plan to guide investment decisions and ensure strategic alignment.

-          Based on the prioritized use cases, determine the most suitable approach - whether it's purchasing, modernizing, or building applications.

-          Evaluate the existing infrastructure to ensure it can securely and efficiently support AI applications, enabling quick and scalable access to data.

-          Consider the scalability and performance implications of hosting data and AI applications either on-premises or in the cloud.

-          Ensure that your cloud infrastructure is designed to handle large AI workloads and deliver reliable performance at scale.

-          Assess your organization's Zero Trust security posture to ensure robust protection.

-          Explore ways to leverage AI for enhancing security, including deploying and safeguarding organizational assets, establishing and maintaining policies and procedures, and monitoring and responding to incidents or emerging threats.

-          Get acquainted with generative AI use cases and explore how they can align with your specific business requirements.

-          Establish a structured approach to evaluate the potential of AI for each use case systematically.

-          Assess the number of business units, processes, the duration of production, and the age of existing deployments within your organization to identify patterns that may indicate opportunities or obstacles.

-          Leverage your data to develop intelligent applications that enhance the accuracy and relevance of model outputs.

-          Establish a comprehensive operating model that outlines how AI will be integrated into your organization's practices.

-          Secure or create a plan to secure support from leadership, ensuring that necessary resources are allocated to AI initiatives.

-          Cultivate strong relationships with subject-matter experts from diverse backgrounds within your business to leverage their expertise in implementing AI effectively.

-          Enhance your organization's change management capabilities to effectively navigate the transformation brought about by AI adoption.

-          Identify and implement appropriate learning and skill-building programs to equip your workforce with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to work with AI technologies.

-          Approach AI as a sustainable capability, integrating it into your organization's culture and ensuring its long-term viability.

-          Review and share resources that provide insights into the responsible use of AI, helping you identify the models and approaches that are most suitable for your organization.

-          Consider the enablement model that aligns with your specific needs, whether it's a hub-and-spoke, centralized, or distributed approach.

-          Consider the principles of secure AI and ensure that your data is protected throughout the entire lifecycle, from the platform to applications and users.

-          Assess the processes, controls, and accountability mechanisms required to govern AI usage, considering the potential impact on data privacy and security policies.

Azure OpenAI – SmartGen

Introducing SmartGen, the AI-powered chatbot that combines Large Language Models (LLMs) with your data to serve as an Internal Information Hub. Access file-based data, relational data, and SaaS data effortlessly, obtaining text responses, code snippets, or datasets tailored to your needs. 

How Can SmartGen Achieve Pillars

to AI Success for Your Business?

  • Empower your employees with the ability to easily search for and access internal data and functionality within your organization.
  • Capable of being trained and tailored to comprehend and address the unique requirements of your organization.

Scenario in Different Departments

Sales & Marketing | SmartGen | Azure OpenAI | SUPERHUB

Sales & Marketing

-          Customer and trend analysis

-          Performance forecasting

-          Campaign reporting

Finance | SmartGen | Azure OpenAI | SUPERHUB


-          Fraud detection

-          Risk analysis

-          Financial statement production

-          Investment strategy support

Operations | SmartGen | Azure OpenAI | SUPERHUB


-          Predictive maintenance

-          Quality control

-          Supply chain optimization

-          Production planning

Security & IT | SmartGen | Azure OpenAI | SUPERHUB

Security & IT

-          Identification of potential issues

-          Performance monitoring

-          Code optimization, testing and bug detection


-          Contract analysis

-          Compliance monitoring

-          Legal briefs

-          Contract generation

Human Resources | SmartGen | Azure OpenAI | SUPERHUB

Human Resources

-          Resume screening

-          Employee feedback analysis

-          Onboarding material creation

-          Performance metric reviews

Flexible Pay-as-you-go

and Provisioned Throughput Pricing

Unlock the power of large-scale, generative AI models with Azure OpenAI Service, offering the flexibility of both Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and Provisioned Throughput Units (PTUs). With PAYG, you can optimize costs by paying only for the resources you use, while PTUs provide guaranteed throughput with minimal latency variance, making them ideal for scaling your AI solutions.


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Do not hesitate to unlock the full potential of your businesses with SmartGen,

a well-developed OpenAI solution hosted by Azure for businesses on all scales!

Benefits bring to your biz:

–      Empower your employees with the ability to easily search for and access internal data and functionality within your organization.

–     Capable of being trained and tailored to comprehend and address the unique requirements of your organization.

–     Applicable to different departments of your biz, including:

–     Sales & Marketing

–     Finance

–     Operations

–     Security & IT

–     Legal

–     Human Resource

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