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What is eLeave?

Cloud-based HR application to track employee leave records, centralize staff leave data, empower employees, and get accurate reports.

Start saving time on employee leave management.

  • Stop Storing Paper Forms
  • Minimize Manual Administration
  • Ensure Calculation Accuracy

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What is eLeave - eLeave Platform

eLeave Management System

Employee leave and time-off tracking application for the modern workplace.

Save time and effort on employee leave records management.

Desktop and mobile experience liberates your employees from where they are.

Leave Management System - Superhub eLeave Apps

Smart Tools for You and Your Team

Manage Leave Days and Time-off Efficiently

eLeave Features - Flexible Leave Tracker

Flexible Leave Tracker

Flexible Leave Tracker


  • Centralised leave profile
  • Track all leave types of absence
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Equip official holidays calculation
eLeave Features - Leave Calendar

Leave Calendar

Leave Calendar


  • Quick team overview
  • Helps managers to avoid leave conflict
  • History of requests
  • Saves costs, paper, and time
eLeave Features - Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 Integration


  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 platform
  • AAD Single Sign-on
  • Access application on Teams Hub

Empower Staff with Easy-to-use Leave Management Application

Leave Management Application in Multi-devices

Cut repetitive tasks and start using a system to automate leave management.

Gain business agility, productivity, and effectiveness.

  • Easy-to-go
  • Self-service Portal
  • Fast Processing

Quick Approval with Notification

Approver can receive notifications and reminders to manage and approve with few clicks. Leave records are clear.

Employee are notified via various channels e.g. Teams and Email whether request is being approved and rejected.

  • Approval with One-click
  • Integrate with Your Collaboration Platform (e.g. Outlook, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  • Fast Processing
Quick approval with notification in eLeave

Configure Your Own eLeave

Configure your own eLeave application

eLeave provide the flexibility you need. Setup the application based on what’s work for you.

Manage your own leave types, approval workflow, holiday schedule, etc.

  • Fast Deployment with Customized Experience
  • Reduce Manual Administration
  • Create Admin Reports Suits Your Needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply our own leave approval policy in Superhub eLeave?

In Superhub eLeave, multiple layers of approval are supported. Admin can easily identify approval layer for every staff.

Can we sync the leave record to dedicated staff department instead of only one Corporate Calendar?

Superhub eLeave supports multiple department calendars. After completion of the approval, leave record will be synced to specify department calendar.

Does Superhub eLeave support multiple region deployment?

Yes. Superhub eLeave supports multiple regional users (e.g., regional approval policy and regional public holidays).