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Superhub offers Manage+ service that combines our cloud expertise with the world’s leading tools from Microsoft and VMware to provide professional service and managed service to our customers across Asia.  Our customer engagement model begins with our professional services, where our cloud solution architects partner with our customer to assess their objectives and design the best cloud strategy to meet their current and future needs.  It gives peace of mind to our customer’s cloud migration journey even with limited knowledge on cloud best practice and lacking assessment tools on multicloud solutions, applications, security, and data.  Our managed cloud services and IT support help customers manage and optimize the right infrastructure, platforms, and services, adhering to practical governance, operational and architectural frameworks to mitigate risks and reduce inefficiencies

Four-step Migration Process to Cloud

Assess: Discover and assess your on-premises resources, such as applications and workloads.

Migrate: Plan and transform your resources using best-of-breed tools and minimizing downtime.

Optimize: Streamline your cloud resources, improve performance and ROI, and stay compliant. 

Secure and Manage: Ensure security and fine-tune management of your cloud environment.

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Assessment & Migration

There are different tools for cloud migration depends on the complexity of customer’s on-premises or cloud environment.  With Azure migrate, our certified engineer will help customer to discover, assess and migrate different workloads (server, database, or web app) with thorough migration plan.  Being the Top Azure Solution Provider and VMware Managed Services Partner of the Year, Superhub has extended its best practices in professional service and managed service to multicloud and aim to be our customers’ most trusted cloud transformation service partner

Challenges on Cloud Management

While the cloud offers a lot of advantages, establishing an efficient enterprise cloud management strategy requires not only time and resources, but also technical expertise in IT support and advance monitoring capabilities.  Top 3 cloud management challenges for enterprises.

Cloud cost management: Cost control is complicated by the nature of cloud with on-demand and scalable features.

Multicloud management: Require different IT support expertise & tools to better manage workloads on clouds.

Security and compliance: Setup, deploy and manage ongoing security is paramount amid up surging cyber threat.

Automated Cloud Management Platform

With the integrated tools from both Microsoft and VMware, our manage+ service provides an end-to-end service management platform to enable our customers to access all of our supported clouds and manged service from single, web-based interface.  Our IT support focuses on removing the complexities of multicloud deployments, unifying compelling aspects of the experience for our customers, and enabling us to deliver scalable solutions.

Unified billing: Enable us to deliver an integrated single invoice for customers across multicloud deployments.

Service management: Empower speedy provision of service & scale per customer’s demand with pre-set parameters.

Monitoring dashboard: Allow customer to monitor usage & set regular cost report by metrics or business units, etc.

Application monitoring: Alert for pre-defined threshold for automatic system management and runbook procedure.

Optimization: Suggest optimal cloud configuration based on regular cost analysis, security, and compliance checking.

Automated escalation: Auto-escalation to Superhub’s technical helpdesk for incidents response & troubleshooting.

Managed Service with Cloud Optimization

Our managed cloud services and IT support help customers determine, manage, and optimize the right infrastructure, platforms, and services, adhering to practical governance, operational and architectural frameworks to mitigate risks and reduce inefficiencies. Our customers can thus manage costs, achieve industrial specific compliance objectives, and improve security.  To cater for cloud users with different service levels, we offer three board categories of services.

Platform enablement: Setup performance and cost monitoring platform for proactive monitoring of cloud platform.

Managed Service & IT support: Support routine patching, backup & restore, technical incidence response & escalation.

Advance support: Customize runbook development with premium response time during non-office hour support.

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