3 Reasons for OneDrive For Business As Your Preferred File Management Tool

OneDrive for Business is a file management and sharing tool on the cloud within Microsoft 365. It allows users to securely store, access, and share all sorts of files without traditional boundaries and restrictions...




OneDrive for Business  is a file management and sharing tool on the cloud within Microsoft 365. It allows users to securely store, access, and share all sorts of files without traditional boundaries and restrictions. You may share your files from anywhere, across their desktop, tablet, and mobile with just a few clicks away.

If you still have hesitation, you must learn that more than 350,000 organizations use OneDrive for Business as their file management tool, and the growth is prominent – In 2017, the growth has tripled regardless of company size. Customers like Accenture, DBS Bank, Textron, and Lowe’s have adopted OneDrive to reduce costs and improve teamwork and mobile productivity, while making it easier to protect and manage company data. They use OneDrive for Business to take their digital transformation to the next level.

With the growing trend of modern workplace transformation, the demands of having a powerful file management tool are high. Microsoft 365 includes intelligent, secure, and powerful tools for you to store, share, and manage your files all at one place.

Below you will discover three key reasons why you should make the similar switch to OneDrive for Business.

1) Improve creativity and teamwork

Collaboration to share intelligence is at the heart of modern workplace to unleash creativity and productivity from teamwork. 

OneDrive for Business allows you share files securely with anyone externally and internally. With deep Office365 integration, it allows you to collaborate with rich co-authoring features among shared files with others in real time. Choosing to store your files in OneDrive instead of other cloud storage providers allows you to collaborate seamlessly. It’s the only service that provides real-time co-authoring with the deep integration with Office Online and the Office 2016 apps for mobile, PC, and Mac.

Other than that, users will be able to easily share relevant content with meeting attendees based on their Outlook meeting calendar. For example, you may share your PowerPoint presentation with other attendees of your meeting once the meeting is over. On your OneDrive mobile app, OneDrive will automatically prompt you to share photos taken during the meeting conveniently. It could be ideas brainstormed on a whiteboard, on a piece of paper, you name it.  With this new feature, you will save the hassle of sending the document over one by one.

Reference: Accenture uses OneDrive for their 400,000 employees as they travel the globe, accessing over two petabytes of files in the cloud across their devices. Lowe’s recently rolled out OneDrive to 260,000 employees —empowering them to share with colleagues and customers across their 2,200 retail stores.

2) Share intelligence with confidence

The file restore function in OneDrive for Business is an on-demand recovery solution for files stored on OneDrive for Business targeting accidental deletion, file corruption, or malware infection.

Earlier this year, Microsoft has released a new security feature related to OneDrive for Business. They have included an integration with Windows Defender Antivirus while you restore your files. This new feature protects you from ransomware attacks by identifying breaches and provides guidance through remediation and file recovery. It allows up to full 30 days of file history and mature machine learning to help us spot potential attacks early enough to take precaution measures. OneDrive for Business gives you peace of mind for every file you store.

Microsoft’s AI technology in OneDrive for Business helps them to protect their content, keep them compliant, and thwart malicious attacks on the cloud!

Reference: DBS Bank made the switch knowing Microsoft invests more in cloud security than a traditional bank could, and Land O’Lakes removed their need for multiple cloud storage providers by moving to OneDrive, giving them a managed solution to better protect their data.

3) Manage costs by moving to a single integrated solution

With the “Files On Demand” function in OneDrive for Business, you can view and edit your files anytime, anywhere, in order to boost your productivity even on the go. This way, you can also access all your files without using up your device storage and not restricted by device conditions. It allows you to access all your files in the cloud without having to download them and use storage space on your device.

OneDrive with Office 365 has the most advanced collaboration, discovery, and security features available. Choose the integrated cloud productivity suite that doesn’t require the need to cobble together a set of disparate tools that cause you more for less!

Reference: Rackspace is saving over $411,000 a year by retiring their previous cloud storage provider in favor of OneDrive, and Textron is making the switch to OneDrive to get the improved governance they desire at a substantially lower cost.


What are you waiting for?

More reasons why users choose OneDrive for Business over Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, check out the comparison chart here. Accelerate your business transformation with all the latest innovations introduced by Microsoft, so you can share, manage, and protect your files in a more collaborative workplace.


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