Microsoft SharePoint

Engage Your Organization with SharePoint is for Everyone Online


What is Microsoft SharePoint?


Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative workspace platform within Microsoft 365 (Former Office 365) which used to build feature-rich and cost-effective solutions for document, content, and knowledge management and internal and external collaboration for businesses of different sizes and industries.

•   Securely connect, access, share, and coauthor files in real time

•   Simple sharing and seamless collaboration

•   Engage every employee in the same workspace

•   Harness collective knowledge

•   Centralise important information and resources into one single hub centre

•   Accelerate productivity by transforming processes e.g. notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows



Provides one central hub to share all your company informations, they are always up-to-date and ensure your employee can find the information they need to perform their jobs.



Accelerate company-wise and team-based collaboration by vitural workspace with scope restricted access and content management system.

Document Management

Document Management

Support centralizes document repository with Document lifecycle automation. Equiping with Office Online Co-authroing editing tools and Full text and metadata search (search results filtering and ranking, search across integrated systems).

Transforming Processes

Transforming Processes

Streamline tasks, automate workflows and integrate processes seamlessly into your work (e.g. approval, notification) —on any device and from anywhere you work. 

Get Secure, Reliable, and Manageable Platform


Optimized Content Delivery

Centralised information into SharePoint optimize your company’s content strategy. User can create and submit content for approval in seconds.



Increased Productivity

Accessed resources and information from any device, anywhere and anytime. Users are no longer limited to network and location. Imagine a world where you can access your email, contacts, docs, from any place using any browser with an internet connection.


Connect Collaboration

Co-workers can share files and updates in real-time, improving their collaborative efforts.



Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

SharePoint allows users to specify security settings that comply with their specific compliance regulations at every checkpoint.

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions: Integrations and automations

With the integration of SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate and others M365 Products (e.g Teams, Projects, PowerBI etc), Microsoft 365 empowers business customers to automate processes and streamline workflows with customised solutions.

Superhub offers a wide range of unique add-on services that help you #worksmarter with your subscription.



Build Customized Intranet which offers collaboration, content, and staff management features to connect your company corporate culture.



Document Management System (DMS)

Complete digital document management lifecycle. Facilitate user experience on documents categorizing, archiving, search and retrieval.


Business Workflow Centre

Develop customized and business oriented workflow to save you time and effort and bring consistency and efficiency to routine tasks.


M365 Products Integration

Integrate with existing M365 products in order to continually add value as Microsoft rolls out new features and changes.


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