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Health Care and Medical Services

SuperVault empowers medical groups with seamless data protection

​​​​​​​Cyberattacks have skyrocketed in recent years among businesses, causing hundreds and thousands of dollars' worth of economic losses. Therefore, adopting data backup is crucial for all kinds of businesses to cope with the increasing risk in cybersecurity, which is no exception for health and medical services. An increasing number of businesses are adopting Backup as a solution (BaaS) to strengthen their data protection in response to these cybersecurity concerns.

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Accelerate Customers’ Digital Transformation with A Trusted Managed Cloud IT Service Provider

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses across industries are leveraging cloud services
to enhance their operations and security.

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Automated Vehicle Booking System: Improve Efficiency and Time Saving

The Vehicle Booking System can automate the approval process for vehicle bookings, reducing the time—
and effort required to get approvals from managers or other relevant parties while improve your efficiency.

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Memo Form Workflow - Improve Process Efficiency with Approval Workflow Automation

​​​​​​​Say Goodbye to paper forms and manual processing with our memo workflow. By automating the approval process, you can save time and increase efficiency.

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Adecco Personnel Limited

Implementation of Teams Phone to Support Business Continuity with Hot Desking in the Office and the Rise of Remote Work

From an end-user perspective, it has been a very smooth deployment process, Microsoft Teams Voice is very simple to use and works without any major issues.

Adecco's HK CFO

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Baker Tilly Hong Kong Limited

As a client, we are delighted with the quality of service provided by Superhubs' sales and Cloud Solution Teams. They recently completed our Exchange Hybrid Mode Migration Project in an efficient and professional manner. We continue to recommend Superhub to our peers since the overall way of conducting business has met our expectations.

Jason Leung
Head, Information Technology, Baker Tilly Hong Kong Limited

Blue Insurance HK (Blue)

利用 Micorsoft 365 在「疫」境下保持效率,提供創新網上保險體驗,實現 Live Easy 品牌精神!

疫情下,各行各業都要全面推行在家工作。對於全港首間網上人壽保險公司 Blue Insurance HK (Blue),要在短期內讓員工順利開展遙距工作,同時符合法規,確實有一定難度。Superhub 作為 Microsoft 的合作夥伴,幫助 Blue 利用半年時間把舊有系統遷移到 Microsoft 365,並為員工安排應用培訓,促進部署過程並確保順利遷移,應對環境及轉型的挑戰。

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Pacific Sense Enterprises Ltd

Pacific Sense Taking an Active Stance Against Phishing Attacks with Barracuda solutions

Pacific Sense Enterprise Limited is a professional electrical and mechanical engineering company in Hong Kong. They offer a wide-range of services, including consultancy, system design of fire protection and system installations and maintenance to both government and private sector clients.

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Novi Footwear International Co. Ltd

Seamless Backup Migration from On-Premises to Azure

Adopting Veeam’s backup solution in Microsoft Azure and Superhub’s managed service brings stability, security, flexibility, and compliance to Novi Footwear.

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H Properties Limited

Enabled Microsoft Teams Voice in 2-Week

Headquartered in Hong Kong, H Properties Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of LKK Health Products Group, which specialised in owning and managing premium office and retail space in different regions including Hong Kong, China and UK. Over time, the company decided to digital transform the company with Microsoft 365 for communications and collaboration, while Teams Voice to replace traditional PBX.

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I’m very appreciative of the support superhub provides. They responded quickly to my queries, explained the case to me clearly, and solved my problem expertly.
I’m confident in their service and skills and will be happy to stay as customers for a long time to come.

Ringo Yeung

Avalon BioMedical (Management) Limited

Pioneering Medical Group Safeguard Spear Phishing Attacks

Founded in 2013, Avalon is a group of companies in Hong Kong that focuses on developing next generation healthcare solutions to benefit humanity and improves lives. Their biotechnology incubation platform cultivates and translates ideas generated by Hong Kong’s talent into viable solutions across the field of healthcare — biopharma, diagnostics, medical devices in addition to other areas.

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LBS Group

LBS Group - Hygiene Leader Simplifies Business Continuity with Hybrid Cloud

LBS, the leading hygiene company in Hong Kong, adopts a business continuity strategy by leveraging Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) service. There are tremendous cost savings on secondary data centers, while having increases on availability of their mission critical operation system, web application and database. With 1300 employees and a business footprint across Asia, LBS has sought out new technologies to promote efficiency and agility.

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Cemcoa - International trading house sustains growth with M365 Adoption

For several years, Cemcoa was using Hosted Exchange for their email communications. Over time, the company decided that it was necessary to transit all 150 users , located across 10 different locations, to the cloud. One of the major reasons for this change was to gain the ability to collaborate and standardize communications on one Microsoft 365 platform using Teams and SharePoint.

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Christian Action

Christian Action - Better Service, better experience with the Cloud

With Superhub’s managed service, Christian Action is now able to enjoy more privileges with the same product. Superhub not only provides a platform to manage licenses easily but also delivers with their professional expertise.

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Hong Kong Secure Transportation Systems Company Limited

HKSTS Company Limited - Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry transformed with Smartsec System on Azure

Hong Kong Secure Transportation System Company Limited (HKSTS) is transforming the industry with Smartsec System, which can check the seal of consignment via IOT device instead of relying on visual inspection. More importantly, it automates the handling and reporting logistics that increases the competitiveness of Hong Kong air freight industry to international standards.

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Formia – Digital Transformation with a Trusted Partner Brings New Flexibility

With specialization in airline amenity kits, cosmetics and comfort items, Formia is a global leader in the travel industry offering tailor-made inflight service amenities. Since 2018, Formia has embarked on their journey towards digital transformation.

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YCP Holdings Limited

YCP Group and Superhub - Global management consultant sustains growth with M365 Adoption

YCP Group offers advisory services, which includes investment funding, industry expertise and operational support, to help multinational and local companies thrive in their target markets. YCP’s strength lies in their broad expertise as well as having teams from different regions. A shift to Microsoft 365 enabled the organization to work more seamlessly with their stakeholders, both internally and externally, recalled David Ly, the organization’s General Affairs Group Director.

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