YCP Group and Superhub - Global management consultant sustains growth with M365 Adoption

YCP Holdings Limited

YCP Group offers advisory services, which includes investment funding, industry expertise and operational support, to help multinational and local companies thrive in their target markets.  YCP’s strength lies in their broad expertise as well as having teams from different regions.  A shift to Microsoft 365 enabled the organization to work more seamlessly with their stakeholders, both internally and externally, recalled David Ly, the organization’s General Affairs Group Director.


We standardized our operating systems & platforms on M365 so that everyone can work seamlessly and securely across teams and devices.

Mr. David Ly
General Affairs Group Director of YCP Group



YCP Group has over 450 employees in 17 offices globally.  Before the organization migrated from G-suite to Microsoft 365, activities and communications were supported by a mix of different applications running on various platforms.  Not only does it make it difficult for version control when collaborating, but it is also inefficient in mega projects with the involvement of different stakeholders.



Using Microsoft 365, different office applications, file storage and collaboration tools are consolidated onto one platform.  It enables cross teams to keep all chats, calls and online meetings on a single platform to be archived for later reference.  Productivity, security and flexibility can be achieved with Single-Sign-On (SSO) on multiple applications.  David adds, “We now have data, content, and files easily accessible in one location on the cloud for better collaboration.  This helps us maintain better version control compared to our previous practice.  As our staff started working remotely, many relied on both company laptops and mobile devices to access company files.”  With the Microsoft 365 Intune add-on, Mobile Device Management (MDM), it greatly enhances the capability and security to access the organization’s database across devices.    


Customer Interview


” Even though Superhub is Microsoft’s Top CSP, our average customer has low adoption rate for O365 applications.  Only 10% of customers can achieve more than 80% adoption rate of SharePoint and Teams.  Can YCP share their tips and tricks to achieve such a high adoption rate of different M365 workloads? (Figure 1). “



David Ly:

” Three elements contributive to the success of the high adoption of M365 that also resulted in cost efficiency, productivity and growth are:

·      Modernized platforms

·      Open corporate culture

·      Optimized operations

Microsoft took a key step towards helping businesses achieve a great workplace experience with the introduction of Microsoft Teams, the destination hub for next-generation ways of working with M365.

Organizational change is essential. Teams adoption is not only a technical issue, but it is also, and perhaps more so, a change management issue.  We have pre-installed SharePoint Online and Teams in all employees’ laptops in addition to the implementation of company-wide policy for alignment.

Governance is paramount to the successful launch of Teams.  The expanded ability to create new applications, collaborate, share and create content raises opportunities for an organization to develop policies to deal with content sprawl, security, versioning, discoverability and document control.  Organizations need to manage the lifecycle of Teams and all SharePoint sites for collaboration. “



“What made Superhub a great partner for this project?”


David Ly:

“Superhub’s presales team enabled us to understand different advanced features of M365 Business Standard, including Teams and Intune.  These features greatly enhance cross team collaboration.  In addition, we are impressed by their knowledge and best practices on M365 tenant set up and migration, on top of their post-sales support.”