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Pacific Sense is a Hong Kong fire service installation contractor with a robust and complete structure. It specializes in various forms of fire protection and system installations, ranging from consultancy, installation, design, maintenance, and repair works to meet the needs of various customers. The company offers a wide range of fire services and consultation to different sectors, including factory buildings, commercial and residential buildings, nursing homes, schools, community centers, banks, hospitals, terminals, and shopping centers.

For many years, Pacific Sense used POP3 email for their communications.  Gradually, the company decided that it was time to transit 80 users to the cloud.  The new platform empowers their first line workers with the opportunity for better collaboration and quicker response time via M365 and eLeave Service.


Subscribing to Superhub’s eLeave Service enables our 1st line workers to respond quickly for ad-hoc manpower changes.

Mr. Steve Leung
Technical Manager at Pacific Sense Enterprises Ltd


Challenges with Legacy System

Before the introduction of Superhub’s cloud advisory service, POP3 email was the standard protocol used by Pacific Sense for communications.  Being in the fire service and consultancy industry, Pacific Sense relies heavily on their first line workers.  There have been situations when a dispatcher was unable to reach a technician on the road, or a service van lacked the proper parts to complete on-site tasks.  These situations could potentially leave their customers frustrated. The circumstances worsened with the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020.  Users had to forward email from the desktop to their personal email.  Read messages were always asynchronized and added confusion to the users.  Most communications, approval and operation processes were manually handled within the organization.  It not only hindered communications among working parties, but also incurred a significant amount of invisible costs to the company.


Cloud Transformation

Pacific Sense has since embarked on a digital transformation journey by migrating the major communication platform to M365 in 2020. “Apart from M365, we have subscribed to the eLeave service developed by Superhub via Power Platform.  We trust the security standards of PowerApps that is built upon M365 architecture,” acclaimed Steve, Technical Manager of Pacific Sense.   As many first line workers are adept at using smartphones, the transference of all communications and approvals on these user-friendly applications have offered great convenience to all users.  On top of that, Pacific Sense has strengthened their security and compliance set up with Barracuda email security solution and CloudBackup Solution.  The former enables the company to filter email and prevent cyber-attacks via spamming and scamming, whilst the CloudBackup Solution enables the company to audit and monitor for any malicious staff activities.


Solution Benefits

The major benefits of a digital transformation were obvious to Pacific Sense’s Technical Manger: there was no need to purchase expensive new hardware on premise, nor pay for its maintenance and storage.  More importantly, management approval of all leave submissions and roster can be done on the go.  It has greatly increased efficiency and response time in this ever changing market.  As the technical manager, the greatest benefit of moving all workloads to the cloud is gaining a peace of mind with regard to technology changes and support.  There is little cause for concern or worry of a repeat ransomware situation, because data security is now well protected by Barracuda and with CloudBackup Solution.


Why Superhub

Superhub has been Microsoft’s Top Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for a few years now.  Pacific Sense was impressed by Superhub’s cloud expertise and best practices on M365 tenant set up, migration and post-sales support.  Superhub offers a unique Essential+ managed service that helps with subscription and change management in the local language.  In addition, Superhub’s customer success newsletter provides regular monthly tips, knowledge library, webinars, and on-site adoption workshops to end-users.  Pacific Sense sees Superhub as a long-term digital transformation partner.


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