Seamless Backup Migration from On-Premises to Azure

Novi Footwear International Co. Ltd


Adopting Veeam’s backup solution in Microsoft Azure and Superhub’s managed service brings stability, security, flexibility, and compliance to Novi Footwear.


About Novi Footwear:

Novi Footwear International Co. Ltd has offices in China and Vietnam with over 360 employees, with businesses in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Pakistan. Their strengths lie in their dedicated footwear sourcing teams, systematic management of material sourcing, their specialized quality assurance, and chemical and social compliance, with added expertise in the areas of costing, logistics and supply chain.


Business Challenges:

The IT department at Novi Footwear has a wide encompassing scope to provide solutions and support across the various departments in the business, such as the sales, merchandizing, and operations departments. After moving to Microsoft 365 from Exchange 2007, the IT team started to explore a reliable backup solution in the cloud, with the intention to save on potential investment of on-premises infrastructure and also to bring about flexibility.


Superhub helped us throughout the migration of our backup to Azure and with the use of Veeam,

we can now easily manage and restore our email fast and securely, as well as meet compliance


Samme Lee
Head of IT


The Solutions:

With all their requirements met by choosing Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, Novi is assured that measures are in place to mitigate the risk of losing access and control over data in Microsoft 365, and also that data is always protected and accessible. Firstly, the deployment of the Veeam backup solution was smooth, quick and fuss-free. It has brought about flexibility and cost-savings for Novi, with the removal of on-premises infrastructure purchases and having complete backups hosted on Microsoft Azure. Secondly, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 allows the staff at Novi Footwear to better control their data. They can conduct email restorations that frees up and saves on resources across the business. Last but not least, regardless the backup of email and SharePoint, it ensures business continuity by protecting Novi Footwear’s legal, regulatory and reputational position.


Why Superhub

As a one-stop shop for leading cloud solutions, Superhub has become an indispensable partner to Novi Footwear in their cloud transformation journey. With the support of Superhub’s Manage+ service for both Microsoft 365 and Azure, Novi Footwear enjoyed seamless migration from their on-premises infrastructure to Azure. With the migration to Azure completed, secure backup can now be restored reliably, quickly and flexibly, which is vital for the business to run smoothly and #worksmarter.