Superhub Supports MEGAMAN® to Collaborate and Communicate Better

MEGAMAN® (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd

Founded in 1994, MEGAMAN® is a major market leader in the global lighting industry. It covers business in more than 90 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, South and North America. 
The key for MEGAMAN®’s success is its emphasis on maintaining excellence in product innovation and quality. From launching the industry first candle-shaped CFL 20 years ago, to the LED Luminaries these years, MEGAMAN® has been exclusively providing numerous world-beating energy-efficient product innovations and over a hundred new projects every year. Its recent sustainable and socially responsible light technology – Smart Lighting Solutions has also made installation easy and application simple at a reasonable price. 
As a company embraces innovative advancements and technology, MEGAMAN® (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd embraced the idea of its system upgraded to Cloud with easier applications, too. Superhub offered MEGAMAN® a tailored Office 365 solution, which is easy and convenient to use, with 24×7 technical support and auto-updates, best suited its specific business needs. 
“Our previous system was relatively complicated to handle…… After comparing different solutions in the market, we chose Office 365 for its user-friendliness.” explained Matthew Chu, General Manager of MEGAMAN® (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd 
Why Superhub O365+? 
Work Anytime, Anywhere with Any Devices  

Applications of the scalable eco-lighting solutions are extensive, ranging from restaurants, shopping malls, retail shops, hotels, offices to households. While MEGAMAN® utilizes mobile and remote devices to fully control the lights’ on/off, brightness and scene settings of environment, they can also access Office 365 and emails with multi-devices anytime, anywhere. 
“While having branch visits, our colleagues can check emails on their mobile phones without returning to office. It allows inquiry reviews from clients or fellow co-workers and timely responses on the go.” added Matthew Chu. 
This convenience is especially important for staffs off-sites or at different branch stores, and it saves the company much time and human resources. 
24×7 Satisfactory Support  

Last year, MEGAMAN® was requested by an international brand to have “cleaner” cabinet decorations, after consideration, it used light belts instead of lightbulbs and brought a new trend to the lighting industry. When customers provide ideas, MEGAMAN® provides the suitable Smart Lighting Solution. 
Superhub offers cloud solution in a similar manner. 
Superhub Dedicated Account Managers tailored Cloud solutions for MEGAMAN®. The 24×7 technical support team provides useful on-going support from pre-migration to post-migration. When a question is raised by MEGAMAN® IT admins or end-users, they would help solve the problem step by step, follow it through. 
Superhub’s professionalism has won MEGAMAN®’s high satisfaction and confidence.  

With Superhub, it is efficient, we always get clear, speedy, and concise answers for all our Office 365 questions.

Matthew Chu, 
General Manager of MEGAMAN® (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd