LBS Group - Hygiene Leader Simplifies Business Continuity with Hybrid Cloud

LBS Group


LBS, the leading hygiene company in Hong Kong, adopts a business continuity strategy by leveraging Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) service.  There are tremendous cost savings on secondary data centers, while having increases on availability of their mission critical operation system, web application and database.  With 1300 employees and a business footprint across Asia, LBS has sought out new technologies to promote efficiency and agility.


LBS sees Superhub as its long-term digital transformation partner for its migration from SaaS Application (M365) to the Platform Cloud on Azure. 

Percy Lee
IT Manager


Business Challenge:

LBS used to locally situate their systems in their office, which was to ensure IT systems are physically close to the employees using them.  Due to different circumstances triggered by social or technical issues, LBS came to the conclusion that their office may not always be accessible in times of crisis. Realizing the need for a backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) site solution, LBS has evaluated various options, including tying up two data centers as well as moving to the cloud.  The former option would definitely incur a lot of costs, such as data center rental, hardware & software purchases, and recurring leased line costs


Solution Benefits:

The account team at Superhub, in conjunction with their cloud architect, worked closely with LBS to create a hybrid-cloud DR solution using Azure Site Recovery (ASR).  This cloud-based DR orchestration service coordinates the replication and recovery of private clouds across sites.  It also provides non-disruptive testing of recovery plans and remote monitoring of cloud health, which then eliminates the need for maintaining a secondary data center location.  With Azure’s ability to replicate and backup different workloads like VMware and Hyper-V, it became a big driver for LBS to move their business continuity and disaster recovery to the cloud.  LBS’ IT manager, Percy Lee, also commented on the beauty of Azure’s pay-by-consumption model.  With hybrid flexibility, entire workloads or pieces of on-premises workloads can be run in the cloud.


Why Superhub

Like many organizations, LBS was hesitant to migrate to the cloud from day one.  Taking the first step of moving Exchange to Microsoft 365, LBS discovered the empowerment cloud technologies provided and its effect on employees’ productivity and the leeway to re-focus their attention on more strategic initiatives.  The second step was to use Azure as the cloud platform, which demonstrated once again, Superhub’s cloud expertise through their pre- and post-sales support.  Superhub offers a unique “+” managed service on different cloud platforms to enable faster deployment, better adoption, hassle-free managed service and balanced security for their customers.  This ensures a peace of mind for LBS, and for them to retain Superhub as its long-term digital transformation partner.