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Case Background:

Cyberattacks have skyrocketed in recent years among businesses, causing hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth of economic losses. Therefore, adopting data backup is crucial for all kinds of businesses to cope with the increasing risk in cybersecurity, which is no exception for health and medical services. An increasing number of businesses are adopting Backup as a solution (BaaS) to strengthen their data protection in response to these cybersecurity concerns.




·       High employee turnover rate leads to frequent management of license allocation

·       Previous Backup solution failed to restore data, lack of drill practice

·       A complex disaster recovery procedure is required

·       The regulation requires the company to hand-in the record of mail of the past 7 years





·  Providing a secure platform for companies to store their data

Delivers regular security checks to uncover security weaknesses and implementing crucial security enhancements

·  Delivering quick data restoration

​​​​​​​Delivers quick data restoration from backups, minimizing downtime and mitigating the impacts of data loss events operations

·  Regular cybersecurity awareness training

Providing comprehensive training for employees to improve their knowledge and understanding, minimizing risk associated with cyberthreats




·  Lowered backup costs

        Reduced operational costs compared to other cloud solution providers (CSP)

·  Swift recovery

​​​​​​​        Recovering over 450GB data within 2 days

·  Enhanced Cooperation

   Increased the consistency of security compliance behaviour among employees



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