Hayco - P&G Top External Business Partner, Adopted WVD as BCP Solution during COVID-19 Outbreak

Hayco Manufacturing Ltd

Hayco Manufacturing Ltd heavily relies on their SAP ERP system to track their supply chain process, starting from purchasing and manufacturing at their plants in China and Dominican Republic, right up to shipping their products to customers across 40 countries. Recognised for its commitment and extraordinary levels of engagement with their distribution network, Hayco was honoured as one of P&G Top 10 Partner of the Year.


I am very impressed by the quick deployment of the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution

from Superhub during the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020.

Mr. Keith Wong
System Specialist of Hayco Manufacturing Ltd



From the first product sketch to final delivery, Hayco works closely with their internal and external engineers and partner networks, utilising different systems for communications, such as the SAP ERP and Document Management System. With the abrupt implementations of segregation measures such as work-from-home due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, the business has come to a halt. This poses a big challenge for operational staff, who may not have readily accessible laptops at home.

Various remote access solutions like Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) have been evaluated. However, these solutions do not address the overarching issue of company-sensitive data residing on employees’ personal devices, which is not in compliance with the company’s ISO requirements. Worse come to worse, end-users’ personal devices may be lack of security set up and bring in unexpected security threat to company asset, data or network.

To achieve a solution with these factors in mind, Hayco’s  IT team decided to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure. However, another challenge that had to be addressed was the huge capital investment on hardware, software and licensing that traditional on-premises virtual desktop solutions require. In addition, the IT department has to deal with hardware and software End-of-support issue in a few years down the road.  Deployment of such a traditional solution may also take too long to tackle the immediate needs of the company’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP).



Superhub proposed the use of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a full cloud model with Pay-As-You-Go subscription. With WVD, remote users can now access internal corporate systems and data on any device, including smartphones, whilst adhering to company security and compliance policies. We were impressed by the expertise and professionalism of the Superhub team, who began with assessing our needs, to designing with transformation and optimisation in mind, and lastly, implementing the entire solution within 7 days. Their pre-sales consultant assured us of the security management and fine-tuning of our cloud environment, such that it will be up and running in time for our ad hoc work-from-home measures.


Customer Benefits

Since switching over to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Hayco has had savings of over 30% on their operating costs. Through WVD features of Windows 10 multi-session and on-demand consumption, they allow for the ability to turn off virtual machines on Azure during non-office hours. In addition, both the subscription model of WVD and Superhub’s managed services save Hayco the hassle of on-going maintenance costs and IT manpower. Moving forward, Hayco’s IT team will have more time and energy to focus on innovative projects to help drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction.