100-year-old Cheong Hing Steps Up Digital Transformation with Superhub

Cheong Hing Store Ltd

Cheong Hing Store Limited (Cheong Hing) was founded in Hong Kong in 1917, first started as a grocery store, it is now the sole agent and distributor of some prestigious imported brands, such as Zwilling J.A. Henckels from Germany, Staub from France and Corelle from the US. Cheong Hing has enjoyed a hundred years of good reputation in the local market, now also extends its business to China and South-East Asia. 
To continue the business legacy while upholding quality standards, Cheong Hing keeps up with the global trend. Upgrading the office system to the Cloud is the company’ recent strategic move. Microsoft Gold Partner Superhub offers them a tailored Office 365 solution, which brings easy communication channels to their cross HK-China border offices without blockage. Office 365 scheduling function also wins hearts of the management team. 

“Communication is vital for HK-China cross-border business like us. Before using Office 365, sometimes our emails were blocked, and the transmission was slow, communication could be hindered when it was urgently needed.” explained Mr. Yu Sau Ning, Homer, CEO of Cheong Hing Store Limited.

Reasons to choose Superhub O365+ 

Reliable Cross-Border Communication 

Office 365 provides a borderless and scalable cloud solution worldwide. It serves countless SMEs and corporations with full list of tools, 1TB cloud storage, secure and reliable email- or file- transmission assurance. It not only saves Cheong Hing upfront capital and maintenance costs for in-house servers, its Exchange Email has 50GB storage and allows large attachment transfers, which can enhance cooperation and teamwork.  
Security and Confidence 

“Another thing that gives us confidence in Superhub is its close relationship with Microsoft. Working with Superhub is just like working directly with Microsoft.” added Mr Yu.

Superhub is a Microsoft CSP Direct Partner which has been awarded 3 Microsoft Gold certifications with 1 Silver certification. Besides having Microsoft’s strong support, trust and resources, Superhub has been providing quality Cloud services and maintaining its own SLA since 2008, which gives Cheong Hing much confidence.  
Superhub’s Dedicated Account Manager not only formulated a Cloud solution for Cheong Hing’s specific needs, it also provides 7×24 on-going technical support, along with other value-added services, including but not limited to migration, training and advisory sessions. 
Another key feature is that Office 365 Exchange Online has all the emails and attachments stored in the Cloud, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere online with their own devices. Even if they lost their phones, they can still access important information. 
Office 365 has a powerful antivirus system, spam filter and auto updates, these measures further set Cheong Hing’s mind at ease. 
Easy Scheduling for Bosses and Staffs

The shared calendar function is also very useful to me and my staffs, as we have a lot of meetings and engagements…Other business owners and my friends also like this function and find it important.

Yu Sau Ning, Homer 
CEO of Cheong Hing Store Limited


In the old days, using phone calls to schedule meetings on pen and paper across different parties could be a challenge. Office 365 has made scheduling easy and hassle-free with shared calendars. Now, staffs of Cheong Hing can manage their schedules in the Cloud at their fingertip. CEO of Cheong Hing, Mr. Yu, is satisfied with the workflow of secretary arranging his appointments and immediate share to him after updating in Office 365. It saves time and effort, and they can focus on developing their core business, not on basic technology.