O365+ Brings Convenience, Effectiveness, and Security to The Madison Group

The Madison Group

Found in 1996, The Madison Group (Madison) represents premium home furnishings and appliances brands, with operations, retail outlets and concept stores in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. It collaborates with the region’s leading property developers on prestigious residential projects and has maintained a high quality of standard over decades.

With Madison’s growing business, efficient cross border communication is essential among offices and for the management team who is travelling a lot. Superhub has tailor-made Office 365 solution (O365+) to suit the company’s specific needs, including but not limited to a borderless cloud platform with email system which can cater large files sharing without blockage anytime anywhere, and mind-soothing 24×7 technical support and auto-updates.


Madison self-hosted an on-premises platform for years. Like many reputable companies in their own profession, it focused on its core business without putting too much resources on the IT side. Given the expansion of business, occasional hardware malfunctions, including server and email system issues, were unacceptable that they would hinder communication and cooperation. It had to look for a set of fully supported office applications.

“I am not an IT person, so when I am looking into the elements of an ideal office solution, I have to see one thing first and that is convenience… I have to see security, efficiency, and user-friendliness.” – Carsten Nittke, CEO of The Madison Group.

Convenience of Office 365

“I have to see all my offices are communicating with each other perfectly at their fingertips and therefore, the communication tool has to be very simple.” said Carsten. Office 365 applications are convenient and easy to use that Madison staffs can work or access their emails via mobile devices wherever they go. It also facilitates on the road meetings that dispersed teams can meet virtually and share information with only a few clicks in real time. The boundless hosted cloud solution can cater large files transfer, and its flexibility best suit their busy working schedule.

Tailored cloud solutions for tailored lifestyle solutions

Madison Group’s business philosophy is that it not only fulfils the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship and services, these values have been kept in mind in every aspect, including forming strategic partnerships. While Madison is providing excellent, tailored lifestyle solution to realize customer’s unique dreams of distinguished living, its demand for a convenient, secured and supported Cloud-based platform was met by Superhub’s 365+ solution.

“They (Madison’s internal IT department) proposed us to work with Superhub, a Cloud solution provider direct partner of Microsoft, to consider if we could bring the company and customers’ information to a secured and safe Cloud environment.” – Carsten Nittke, CEO of The Madison Group.

Global brands that Madison is representing such as bulthaup, Sub-Zero, WOLF and Rimadesio, all have a high level of customization that are especially built to suit the customer’s preferences; their offerings embody the highest standards of quality and performance. And so is Superhub’s O365+, a tailored solution combining Office 365 with Superhub’s dedicated support which best suits customer’s business needs.

To ensure Madison’s smooth and seamless migration from existing on-premises Exchange servers to Office 365, Superhub provided consultancy and pre-migration assessment before execution, the process later on had proved to be without data losses or interruption to daily operations.

With O365+, Madison could reduce hardware and time cost for hosting servers, as well as freeing up internal support resources to manage the legacy infrastructure. Like other respected partners, Superhub committed to its own brand promise and commitment.

24×7 Security and Support

Hosted by Microsoft in its security-enhanced world-class datacentres, Office 365 is always updated with latest security features. Besides, it also enables Madison to be worry-free from data loss and hackers’ attack. With Superhub’s 7×24 round-the-clock support, Madison now enjoys its email uptime and reliability that it looked for.

Basically, we gained manpower, speed, and security……It is fantastic for me to really just work wherever I am.

Carsten Nittke,
CEO of The Madison Group