Office 365 Backup

Skykick Backup is the solution to the below challenges faced by end-users

Office 365 does not have a complete data protection and recovery solution

Legal and compliance Requirements

Insufficient knowledge on backup solutions and management

Increasing costs of backup storage

Unreliable backup storage devices

Lost data retrieval and restoration costs


Easy setup, Ease of management

Easy setup, Ease of management

  • No end-user effort required
  • Save the hassle of manually making configuration changes
  • Reduce IT admin burden

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Predictable Costs

Predictable Costs

  • No expensive hardware required
  • One fixed price no matter how long the data need to be backed
  • No need to worry about backup storage or huge backup costs

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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

  • Compliance with Global Regulation Standards
  • EU can go about accessing Office 365 data without any fear of disruption due to data loss
  • Provides customer the insurance they need to know their data is protected

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Fast Search and one click restore

Fast search and one-click restore

  • Consumer-search-like performance in enterprise environment
  • Spend minimal time on data/files restoration

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  • Easy setup, Ease of management
  • Predictable Costs
  • Peace of mind
  • Fast search and one-click restore

Superhub x SkyKick Backup Professional Services

Superhub’s professional services made your set up and IT management easy

With SkyKick Cloud Backup (annual cost)

Annual subscription fees

Without SkyKick Cloud Backup (estimated recovery costs)

Single file
Entire mailbox

A Backup Solution

Pay a predictable, low, fixed monthly price per user to quickly and easily get your employees back on track

No Backup Solution

Pay a predictable, low, fixed Risk unpredictable and potentially devasting per-incident costs in both dollars and lost productivity

SkyKick Security and Compliances


Skykick is fully complied with GDPR privacy regulations.

  • Updated privacy policy
  • GDPR-compliant data processing agreement
  • Internal audit function
  • Further investments support of its certification for relevant ISO and SOC2 standards

  • Provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.
  • SkyKick’s HIPAA compliance allows partners handling protected health information (PHI) to meet physical, network and process security requirements

  • Provides companies in both the U.S. and Europe with a mechanism to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data between the EU, Switzerland and the U.S. Compliance
  • Privacy Shield ensures IT providers can freely move information between Europe and the U.S. using SkyKick.

SkyKick Backup

Office 365 Archiving

Restore documents, mail items, folders, contacts and even entire mailboxes at the click of a mouse