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Microsoft Azure is a recognized leader in both private and public cloud, which provides more than 200 preconfigured services and the choice to integrate your existing infrastructure.  Azure offers integrated set of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, including technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Analytics, DevOps, Big data and security, all of which complement and integrate with on-premises systems.  Its cloud infrastructure covers footprint of 140 countries and provides 99.95% of SLA to enterprise customers.  Invested more than US$ 1 billion in research and development with 3,500 security experts, Microsoft Azure protects organization with multi-layered security across datacentres, infrastructure, and operations. More importantly, Azure leads the industry with more than 90 compliance offerings.  As Microsoft Top Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), Superhub helps enterprises to fully exploit the power of Azure with unparalleled consultancy, professional service and managed services with security.

Why Azure?

CTA - Azure Top 8 Triggers for Migration

Maximize Value from Existing Microsoft Investment

There are three different perspectives that enterprises can maximize the value from your existing Microsoft investment while migrating to the cloud.  Firstly Microsoft offers integrated experience across three cloud platforms from Modern Workplace Services (such as Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Teams Voice), Azure cloud platform to Business application (like D365 or Power Platform).  Secondly, Azure capitalizes your existing Microsoft investment with Azure Hybrid Benefit, which is a licencing benefit that saves your significantly by running your Microsoft workloads in the cloud.  It works by letting the use of your on-premises Software Assurance-enabled Windows Server and SQL Server licenses on Azure.  And now, this benefit applies to RedHat and AUSE Linux subscriptions too.  By migrating EOS Windows server 2008R2 to cloud can protect enterprises against security or compliance issue with extended security update.  Last but not least, Microsoft Azure extends your organization’s existing knowledge and a consistent experience across your on-premises and cloud technologies through integration with Office 365 and Active Directory.

Saving Scenarios: Maximize Savings by using Azure Hybrid Benefitfor both Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

Windows Server

Only on Azure can you:

•   Use Windows Server license assignment in the cloud.

•   Get 180 days of dual-use rights between on-premises and the clouds


SQL Server

•  Use existing SQL Server licenses in platform as a service (PaaS) environments.

•  Apply to SQL Server 1 to 4 vCPUs exchange: For every 1 core of SQL Server Enterprise Edition, you get 4 vCPUs of SQL Managed Instance or Azure SQL Database general purpose and Hyperscale tiers, or 4 vCPUs of SQL Server Standard edition on Azure VMs.

SQL Server

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

One of the core differentiations of Microsoft Azure comparing to the other clouds in the market is Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which is an identity and access management solution that combines single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities to any cloud and on-premises applications with advanced protection.  It gives your people, partners, and customers a single identity to access the applications they want and collaborate from any platform and device.  Azure AD is a highly-secure identity and access management cloud solution that combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, and application access management that built upon Microsoft global presence.  Extensive consumer experience are combined with powerful user behaviour analysis and advanced machine learning technologies to create the Microsoft Security Intelligent graph that protect enterprises with features like conditional access control polices, identity protection, privilege identity management and multi-factor authentications.  Azure AD empowers business without borders!

Azure AD supports one Identity for thousands of Apps:


A cloud-connected, seamless authentication experiences

With Azure AD Connet integrate your single or mulit-forest Active Directory and other on-premises directories with Azure AD and use one identity to access any app


Mobile apps

Microsoft Authenticator gives you single sign-on for your Azure AD connected mobile apps that use modern authentication across all platforms, so your people can log in just once


Remote access to your on-premises apps

Azure AD offers secure remote access to on-premises web application, eliminating the need to use VPN or other legacy publishing solutions


Bringing your own SaaS

For apps not already in the gallery or your own in-house SaaS apps, simply use one of our simple templates or libraries to turn your app into an Azure AD-enabled app


Thousands of pre-integrated apps

Azure AD already works with a huge number of the commercial and custom apps you probably use on a daily basis, like Office 365,, Box and Workday.


Domain Controller as a Service

We offer managed domain services to help you move your traditional apps to Azure IaaS, for Windows and Linux VMs.

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Enable Remote Work Anywhere with Productivity

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) offers fully managed desktop virtualization as a subscription service with multitenant in nature.  The backend VDI infrastructure including virtual machines that run desktop operation systems, hosted on Microsoft Azure.  WVD then streams the virtual desktop image and applications to customers end-users’ devices, including Windows, Mac, IOS, Android or new HTML5.  The main appeal is separating the computer environment from users devices, so the risk of confidential information being left on personal devise is greatly reduced.  Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) delivers the only multi-session Windows 10 experience with optimization on Office 365 ProPlus, and support for remote desktop service environments.  Other VDI solutions like Citrix and VMware can also be hosted on Azure to enjoy the best of breed experience on Windows 10 and management planes of their choice.  With WVD, enterprise can deploy and scale your Windows and apps on Azure in minutes with built-in security can compliance.

Benefit of WVD on virutalized and application expereince

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Maintain Business Continuity from Disruption

Many companies are taking a closer look at their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in tandem of backup and disaster recovery strategy that make sure data and applications are fully protected from business disruptions.  With just a few clicks, Azure Backup and Azure Site recovery let customers easily backup their data and applications to the cloud, and quickly deploy cloud-based replication, failover, and recovery process as part of the BCP plan.  Automated policy-based replication and protection for thousands of virtual machines with the following features and benefit.


·         At-Scale Configuration: Configure protection and disaster recovery networking settings that apply to your applications / datacentre for seamless recovery.

·         Low Recovery Point Objective (RPO): Achieve near-synchronous RPOs, as low as 30s, even when using Azure as your recovery site.

·         Quick Recovery: Replicate & failover on-prem / Datacentre VMs to Azure within minutes and benefit from Azure’s 99.9% uptime guarantee

·         Data Security and Secure Transmission: Data is encrypted when in transit and at rest in Azure, which protect against data security risk

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Trusted Managed Service Provider for Microsoft Azure

There is a growing trend of using multicloud, such as Azure, Google or VMware, to enhance performance, ensure resilience and meet security, compliance, and governance needs.  However, the diversity of different cloud platforms and services have posed complexity for companies to adopt clouds due to limited in-house resources and technical expertise. Being the Top Azure Solution Provider and VMware Managed Service Partner of the Year, Superhub has extended its best practices in professional service and managed service to Microsoft Azure and aim to be our customers’ most trusted advisor and cloud transformation service partner.  We help customers  to choose the right technologies, realize the value of their cloud investments and manage their cloud for operation continuity.  Superhub offers Manage+ service that let you migrate to cloud at your own pace.  It empowers corporate customers to #worksmarter without compromising security.

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