Microsoft 365+

Superhub 365+

We help customers to address various pain points with our professionalism.

Lack of confidence on setting up an all-rounded modern workplace solution with advanced security features

Insufficient knowledge in tenant setup, subscribing correct license, assignment and related tenant configuration and management

 Limited to no channel to seek assistant in troubleshooting general and critical issues for both IT Admins and End-users

Inadequate feedback for adoption of purchased subscription and not sure if all the resources are utilised at maximum level

Difficulty in managing email signatures in a standardized template that meets company’s marketing standard and legal compliance

Unaware if system is being attacked and hacked and struggle in finding the source of virus, malware or ransomware to prevent future incidents

Cannot effectively control unauthorized access to company files containing data of different level of confidentiality, and thus cannot avoid internal sensitive information leakage

Hesitant for BOYD company policies due to low assurance on company’s security measures on mobile devices

Little to low insight on whether current policy set up is secure enough and limited preparation on high-risk abnormal activities

Difficulty in ensuring every computer is installed with the latest business required applications and setup with standard security policy and updated with latest Windows Security patches


Support Enabled Advanced Secure Tenant
With Essential+ and Core+ Features


Support Enabled Mobility And Secure Tenant
With Essential+ Features


Support Adoption Of Enhanced Modern Workplace

What is Superhub 365 Essential+?

With Superhub+ Services, it is guaranteed that:

over 94% ticket closed
on same day

over 78% customer adoption
rate of Office 365

over 90% customer
satisfaction rate