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How to Use the NEW Microsoft Whiteboard

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Microsoft Whiteboard has recently updated their interface for end-users to have a rich visual collaboration workspace experience. In today’s video we will guide you through the new Microsoft Whiteboard interface and demonstrate some new features to equip you with an enhanced hybrid work and collaboration experience no matter where you are. The features mentioned can help you follow-up better after meetings or brainstorming new ideas in general.  

Access to Web-based Microsoft Whiteboard

1. We will be using the web-based version of Microsoft Whiteboard today. To begin with, go to your browser and insert You will then be directed to the Microsoft Whiteboard dashboard.   
2. Click [Create new Whiteboard] to start a new Whiteboard canvas, or you can also select Whiteboards you have been working on previously here. After clicking  [Create New Whiteboard], a new tab will be opened. 

3. On the left, you can notice a section named [Create]. This section is pinned here by default, allowing you to add different elements to your Whiteboard. 

Feature #1 – Templates 

1.Microsoft has added over 40 new, fully customizable templates to help people get started faster, generate flow, and design structure for their innovative ideas. 

2. Simply click on [Templates] to start with. You can find templates based on different scenarios and choose one that best suits your needs. 

3. Here I will be choosing the [Goal Setting] template under [Project Planning]. Once selected, go to a blank space on your Whiteboard canvas, and insert the template to start customizing.  
4. Zoom in and enlarge your template with your mouse scroller.  

5. You can give your new template a new title, or different text editing customizations.  

Feature #2 – Note Grids 

1. You can also add notes to your Whiteboard by clicking [Notes] under [Create]. You can then simply pick your note color and insert it to your canvas. 

2. Note grids help you create and build structure and form in your whiteboard session. Note grids present sticky notes in a clear and organized format. Click on the note grids color and insert the grids to a blank space on your canvas.  

Feature #3 – Reactions 

1.By clicking [Reactions] under [Create], you can now choose from a set of eight reactions to quickly communicate your thoughts and feelings on other’s ideas. Encourage participation from a broader range of participants. With reactions, it’s easy to engage and reply quickly in the moment!  


Feature # 4 – Insert Images  

1. You can also insert images to your Whiteboard. Simply click on [Images] under [Create] and choose your image from the File Explorer.  

 3.You can then reposition or resize your added image.  


Feature # 5 – Insert Text 

1. You can add texts to your Whiteboard canvas for ideas sharing. Click on [Text] under [Create] and insert a text box to your Whiteboard canvas. Then, start inserting your supplemental texts on the Whiteboard canvas. 


Feature # 6 – Add Shapes 

1.Click [Shapes] under [Create] and insert basic shapes to your Whiteboard canvas. Once added, you can resize, rotate and recolor the shape fill and border.   

Feature # 7 – Inking 

Digital ink is an important part of Whiteboard, whether used to express your own ideas or to comment and annotate on other’s ideas.  

1. Click on different pen options on the top toolbar.
Adjust your pen thickness and colors by clicking the pen again. Then, just simply draw on your canvas.  

4. [Ink arrows] add the arrow attribute to any pen so your arrows look perfect every time.  This feature adds a single or double arrowhead to the end of your ink stroke automatically, making inking easier and keeping your diagrams and annotations clean and organized. 

 5. [Ink to Shape intelligence]: Now inking shapes with mouse is easy! With this setting on, all the ink shapes you draw with a mouse will be automatically converted into basic shapes. As you can see, the rough triangle I have drawn has now converted into a basic triangular shape.   


Feature # 8 – Sharing Options 

1. You can export your ideas into a .PNG file by clicking the [Settings Menu] button on top and click [Export Image (PNG)]

2. You can also choose your image size for better resolution optimization. Then, click [Export]
3. Your browser will then download the PNG image and you can view the exported image when complete.  

4. Lastly, you can share your entire Whiteboard canvas as a link to your peers for better collaboration. Click the [Share] button on top and select [Share link on]. Then, click [Copy link] to share your entire Microsoft Whiteboard to your teammates using a link.  

Microsoft Whiteboard 最近更新了他們的界面,讓用戶擁有豐富的視覺協作工作區體驗。在今天的視頻中,我們將介紹新的 Microsoft Whiteboard 界面並展示一些新功能,無論您身在何處,都可以幫助您增強工作和協作體驗。提到的功能可以幫助您在會議後更好地跟進或集體討論新想法等等。

訪問網頁版 Microsoft Whiteboard


1. 今天我們將使用網頁版 Microsoft Whiteboard 。首先,開啟瀏覽器並輸入。然後,您將被定向到 Microsoft Whiteboard 頁面。

2. 單擊 [創建新白板] 以開始一個新的白板,或者您也可以在此處選擇您之前使用過的白板。點擊 [創建新白板] 後,會打開一個新標籤頁。

3. 在左側,您可以看到名為 [創建] 的部分。此部分是固定在此處的,允許您向白板添加不同的元素。


功能 #1 – 模板

1.Microsoft 添加了 40 多個新的模板,以幫助人們更快地入門、生成流程並為他們的創新想法設計結構。

2. 只需點擊 [模板] 即可開始。您可以根據不同的場景找到模板,並選擇最適合您需求的模板。

3. 在這裡,我將選擇 [項目規劃] 下的 [目標設置] 模板。選擇後,轉到白板上的空白區域,然後插入模板以開始自定義。

4. 使用鼠標滾輪放大和放大您的模板。

5. 您可以為新模板指定新標題或不同的文字編輯。

功能#2 – 便利貼網格

1. 您還可以通過單擊 [創建] 下的 [便利貼] 向白板添加便利貼。然後,您只需選擇便利貼顏色並將其插入白板即可。

2. 便利貼網格可幫助您在白板中創建結構和表格。便利貼網格以清晰有序的格式呈現便利貼。單擊便利貼網格顏色並將網格插入白板上的空白區域。

功能 #3 – 反應


功能 #4 – 插入圖像

1. 您還可以將圖像插入白板。只需單擊 [創建] 下的 [圖像],然後從文件瀏覽器中選擇您的圖像。3.然後您可以重新定位或調整圖像大小。

功能 #5 – 輸入文字

1. 您可以添加文字到白板畫布以分享想法。單擊 [創建] 下的 [文本],然後在白板插入一個文本框。然後便可以開始在白板上輸入文字。


功能#6 – 添加形狀

1.單擊 [創建] 下的 [形狀] 並將基本形狀插入到白板中。添加後,您可以調整形狀填充和邊框的大小、旋轉和重新著色。

功能#7 – 畫筆


1. 單擊頂部工具欄上的不同畫筆選項。再次單擊筆來調整畫筆的粗細和顏色。然後,只需在白板上繪圖即可。

4. [畫筆箭頭] 為任何筆加上箭頭,讓您的箭頭每次都看起來完美。此功能會自動在墨跡筆劃的末尾添加單箭頭或雙箭頭,使您的圖表和註釋保持整潔有序。

5. [用畫筆自動生成基本圖形]:現在用鼠標繪製形狀很容易。啟用此設置後,您用鼠標繪製的所有墨跡形狀都將自動轉換為基本形狀。如您所見,我繪製的粗略三角形現在已轉換為工整的基本三角形。


功能#8 – 共享選項

1. 您可以通過單擊頂部的 [設置菜單] 按鈕並單擊 [導出圖像 (PNG)] 將您的想法導出為 .PNG 文件。

2. 您還可以選擇您的圖像尺寸以獲得更好的分辨率優化。然後,點選 [導出]

3. 然後您的瀏覽器將下載 PNG 圖像,完成後您可以查看導出的圖像。

4. 最後,您可以利用連結將整個白板共享給您的同事或者隊友,以便更好地協作。點擊上方的 [分享] 按鈕,選擇 [分享鏈接]。然後,單擊 [複製鏈接] 以使用鏈接將整個 白板共享給您的團隊成員。