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Microsoft OneDrive- Share Large Files with a Link

By default, the file size limit of sending a file as in attachment on Outlook is 35MB. If your file size exceeds 35MB, Outlook sends you an error message suggesting you to share your file as a link.

With your files in OneDrive, you can share them with others, control who can view or edit them, and work together at the same time.

Upload your file to OneDrive for Business

1. Connect to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal, visit: and login with your account.

2.You should see a number of icons across the top of the page, then click on the OneDrive icon to open your OneDrive for Business page.

3.Once you are in your OneDrive, you can drag and drop files from your desktop up to the cloud, create folders, and do the regular file maintenance you might expect. 

3.Clicking on a folder or file will enable the extra options at the top. Select your file you want to share, then select “Share” button above.

4.Edit your sharing permissions

5.Click “Apply”

6.Select “Copy Link” and then paste the link to your email message to share the link. 

Sharing Permission types: 

Shareable links: Accessible by anyone with the link

Internal links: Accessible only by users within your organization, can be shared internally

Existing Access: Accessible only by the people who already have permission to the files

Direct links: Accessible only by the people specified when the user creates the link


Advanced settings for shareable links

Links must expire within this number of days: You may choose to have the sharing link expire after a certain date.

Set password: Set a password to your link so people without password will not be able to access to your files.


Files and Folders

View: Using this setting will make it so that the shared files or folders can only be viewed or accessed. Think of this as a “read only” option.

View, edit, and upload: Using this setting will make it so that the shared files or folders can be edited by anyone who has the link.



將文件上傳到OneDrive for Business

1.連接到Microsoft Office 365介面,訪問: 並使用您的帳戶登錄。

2.您應該在頁面頂部看到許多圖標,然後選擇OneDrive圖標打開OneDrive for Business頁面。