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Get Started with Microsoft Viva Insights

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In this month’s video, we would like to help you get started with Microsoft Viva Insights, which is one of the modules in the Microsoft Viva suite.

Other modules on Microsoft Viva are Viva Topics, Viva Connections and Viva Learning. We will be filming more videos dedicated to these other modules in the future.

What is Viva Insights?

Viva Insights is an integration of MyInsights, Workplace Analytics and Guilt by learning your working habits with AI and provide recommendations to increase your productivity. Managers or team leaders can foster healthy, successful teams by overseeing working patterns of their teammates with Viva Insights for Managers / Leaders.

In today’s video, we will be showing you features of Viva Insights for individuals which is already included in your Office365 license. Viva Insights for Managers / Leaders are an add-on item to be purchased with your O365 license. 

Access to Viva Insights on Microsoft Teams

1. Launch Teams and go to the […] button on the left.

2. You can find the Viva Insights app icon here, but if not, you can also type [Viva Insights] on the search bar to search for it.

3. This is your Viva Insights homepage. You will be able to see a lot of cards here, and we will now go through them one by one.

Up Next / Greetings Card

1. This card alerts you in various ways based on the time of day and the events in your calendar.

2. The card’s color changes to alert you of other events, such as scheduled focus time, meetings, the switch from morning to afternoon, etc.

Reflections Card

1. You can use the [Reflections] card to become more aware of how you’re feeling. This awareness can benefit both your productivity and your wellbeing. In fact, research has shown that even the act of taking a moment to reflect has positive benefits for wellbeing.

2. Select the emoji that best represents how you’re currently feeling, and [Reflection history] to see how your feelings have changed over time, as indicated by the emojis you’ve chosen.

Send Praise Card

1. You can use the [Send Praise] card to recognize the contributions of your co-workers. Praise messages are shown as notifications in Microsoft Teams.

2. Click [Send praise] to open the Praise app, and then choose a badge to include with your praise message. The badge can be your organization’s core values, or simply a recognition to your co-worker.

3. Add the name of the person you want to praise and visibility of your praise. You can have a praise message delivered in a private chat, or for wider recognition, in a Teams channel conversation.

4. You can also add a personalized note to your praise message. When you are done, click [Preview] and [Send] to send your praise message.


1. Viva Insights has introduced a curated set of guided meditations and Focus music from [Headspace]. Reach these resources on the Home page to help you start your day grounded, relax your mind before a big presentation, or find focus before starting an important project.

2. To see your options, open the [Practice mindfulness] page by selecting [More mindfulness exercises].

3. In just a few minutes a day, meditation and mindfulness with Headspace can help you decrease stress and increase focus. Browse through a curated set of meditations that are designed to fit different scenarios within the flow of your day here.

Stay Connected Card 

1. You can use [Stay connected] card in Viva Insights to stay connected with your collaborators and improve your productivity.

2. Based on your collaboration patterns, you can pin some of your contacts as important. Click [Mark as important] for your top collaborators.

3. By clicking [More insights], you will be directed to the [Stay connected] tab. All insights from pinned important contacts are shown with higher priority at the top of the page. A list of outstanding tasks based on emails that you have sent and request from your colleagues will also be shown here.

4. Viva Insights can help you set a target 1:1 meeting frequency for each contact and provide you with meeting recommendations if you are falling out of touch. Click the [people] icon next to the pin icon and select your desired meeting frequency. A notification will be sent to you if you have not scheduled a 1:1 meeting or coaching time with this specific collaborator.

5. When you’re done with a task, click [Done] to mark it as completed.

Protect Time Card

1. You can use [Protect time] to protect time for focused work and minimize notifications (and thus distractions) by Teams chats and calls during your focus time. You can also start a virtual commute to end your day.

2. By clicking [More options], you will be directed to the [Protect time] tab. Click [Show all available times] to view your timeslots.

3. Select [Book Time] to reserve the time slot for focused work. If you don’t need the time anymore, you can select [Remove slot] to free up your calendar.

4. Once a focus time is booked, the timeslot will be blocked on your calendar to help you focus on your work without distractions.

To-Do Card

1. Viva Insights has integrated with Microsoft To Do, which is now named as Tasks by Planner and To-Do, to help you follow-up with your outstanding tasks and mark them as completed.

2. You can click [Done] on the To Do card directly to clear you task, or go to [Review all tasks in To Do] to navigate to the Task by Planner and To Do app on Teams. You can browse and manage all your outstanding tasks here.

 Virtual Commute / Wrap-up your Day

1. Use the [Virtual Commute] feature to wrap up your day and plan for the next day.

2. In [Protect time] tab, when prompted with [Ready to wrap up], select [Start].This causes your virtual commute to start immediately.

3. Virtual commute shows you your open tasks on the Microsoft To-Do list whose due date is today or that have a reminder set for today. (If you currently have no tasks, this step is not shown and you go directly to [Add new tasks]. Adding tasks here puts them directly into Microsoft To Do, complete with reminders set, so that you don’t forget about them.

4. This step shows you the events (such as meetings) that are on your schedule for tomorrow. When finished, select [Next].

5. At the end of your workday, this step lets you reflect on your feelings, just as you would by using the [Reflect] feature on the homepage. Select your emoji and click [Next].

6. Lastly, you can also started a guided meditation to wrap up your fruitful, productive day. Then, click [Next].

7. Click [Done] to finish your daily commute.

在本月的視頻中,我們希望幫助您開始使用 Microsoft Viva Insights,它是 Microsoft Viva 中的其中一個單元。

Microsoft Viva 上的其他單元是 Viva Topics 、Viva Connections 和 Viva Learning。 我們將在未來拍攝更多專門用於這些其他單元的視頻。

什麼是 Viva Insights?

Viva Insights 是通過MyInsights、Workplace Analytics 和 Guilt 的集成,使用人工智能 (AI) 學習您的工作習慣並提供建議以提高您的生產力。經理或團隊領導可以通過 Viva Insights for Managers / Leaders 監督團隊成員的工作模式來培養健康、成功的團隊。

在今天的視頻中,我們將向您展示已包含在您的 Office365 中的 Viva Insights for Individuals 功能。 Viva Insights for Managers / Leaders 是一個附加項目,可以額外購買。

在 Microsoft Teams 上訪問 Viva Insights

1. 啟動 Teams 並轉到左側的 […] 按鈕。

2. 您可以在這裡找到 Viva Insights 應用程序圖標,如果沒有,您也可以在搜索欄輸入[Viva Insights] 進行搜索。

3. 這是您的 Viva Insights 主頁。在這裡你會看到很多卡片,我們現在將一一介紹。


1.  此卡片會根據一天中的時間和日曆中的事件以各種方式提醒您。

2. 卡片顏色變化提醒您其他事件,例如預定的焦點時間、會議、從上午到下午的切換等。


1.您可以使用 [反映] 卡片來更加了解自己的感受。這種意識可以提升您的工作效率和心理健康。事實上,研究表明,即使是花點時間思考的行為也對心理健康有好處。

2. 選擇最能代表您當前感受的表情符號,然後按 [反映歷史] 以查看您的感受隨時間的變化,如您選擇的表情符號所示。


1.您可以使用 [傳送稱讚] 稱讚和表揚同事的貢獻。發送後,該消息會在 Microsoft Teams 中傳送通知。

2. 點擊 [傳送稱讚] 打開稱讚應用程式,然後選擇一個徽章包含在你的稱讚信息中。徽章可以是您組織的核心價值觀,也可以是對您同事的認可。

3.添加你要稱讚的人的名字和可見度。你可以在 Teams 私人聊天中傳遞讚美消息,或者在 Teams 頻道對話中獲得更廣泛的認可。

4. 您還可以在您的表揚信息中添加個性化註釋。完成後,點擊 [預覽][發送] 傳送您的稱讚。

Headspace 卡片

1. Viva Insights 從 [Headspace] 引入了一套精心策劃的引導冥想和 令您專注的音樂。訪問主頁上的這些資源可幫助您踏踏實實地開始新的一天,在大型演示之前放鬆心情,或在開始重要項目之前找放鬆,準備好心情。

2. 要查看您的選項,請選擇 [更多正念練習] 打開 [練習正念] 頁面。

3. 每天只需幾分鐘,使用 Headspace 進行冥想和正念即可幫助您減輕壓力並提高注意力。在這裡瀏覽一組精心策劃的冥想,這些冥想會幫助適應您一天中的不同場景。


1. 您可以在 Teams 的 Microsoft Viva Insights 應用程式中使用 [保持聯繫],以與合作者保持聯繫,並改善您的工作效率。

2. 根據您的協作模式,您可以將一些聯繫人設為重要聯絡人。單擊 [標記為重要] 將該聯絡人設定為重要聯絡人。

3. 單擊 [更多 Insights],您將被定向到 [保持聯繫] 選項分頁。所有來自固定重要連絡人的事項都會以較高的優先順序顯示在頁面頂端。此處還會顯示基於您發送的電子郵件和同事請求的未完成任務列表。

4. Viva Insights 可以幫助您為每個聯繫人設置目標 1:1 會議頻率,並為您提供會議建議。單擊圖釘圖標旁邊的 [人員] 圖標,然後選擇所需的會議頻率。如果您尚未安排與此特定合作者的 1:1 會議或輔導時間,Viva Insights 會向您發送通知。

5. 完成任務後,單擊 [完成] 將其標記為已完成。


1. 您可以使用 [預約時間] 來預約專注工作的時間,並最大限度地減少在專注時間內通過 Teams 聊天和通話發出的通知(從而分心)。您還可以開始虛擬通勤來結束您的一天。

2. 點擊 [更多選項],您將被引導至 [預約時間] 分頁。單擊 [顯示所有可用時間] 查看您的時間段。

3. 選擇 [預約時間],預留專心工作的時間段。如果您不再需要該時間,您可以選擇 [刪除] 來釋放您的日曆。

4. 專心時間一經預訂,該時段將在您的日曆上鎖定,幫助您專注於工作而不會分心。

待辦事項 / Microsoft To-Do 卡片

1. Viva Insights 已與 Microsoft To Do (現在改名為 Tasks by Planner or To-Do) 集成,可幫助您跟進未完成的任務並將其標記為已完成。

2. 您可以直接點擊待辦事項卡片上的 [完成] 來清除您的任務,或進入 [查看待辦事項中的所有任務] 導航到 Teams 上的 Task by Planner and To-Do 應用程式。您可以在此處瀏覽和管理所有未完成的任務。


1. 使用 [虛擬通勤] 功能來結束您的一天,並為第二天做計劃。

2. 在 [保護時間] 分頁中,當提示 [準備好結束了嗎?] 時,選擇 [開始]。這將使您的虛擬通勤立即開始。

3. 虛擬上路程會顯示您在 Microsoft To-Do 清單上的已開啟任務,其到期日為今天或目前已設定提醒。 (如果您目前沒有任何工作,將不會顯示此步驟,您可以直接移至 [新增任務]。 )

4. 此步驟顯示您明天的日程安排中的事件(例如會議)。完成後,選擇[下一步]

5. 在工作日結束時,此步驟可讓您反思自己的感受,就像使用主頁上的 [反思] 功能一樣。選擇您的表情符號,然後單擊 [下一步]

6. 最後,您還可以使用引導式冥想來結束您美好的一天。然後,單擊 [下一步]

7. 點擊 [完成] 完成您的日常通勤。