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Microsoft Planner - Create and Organize Tasks

Using Microsoft Planner

With Planner on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you are able to:

– Create new plans, assign tasks, and share files with others.

-Organize teamwork and collaborate on projects in a simple, visual way.

-Chat with others to make sure you’re on the same page

-Keep track of your team’s progress and stay on top of your work—from anywhere, on any device.

Set Up Microsoft Planner with Microsoft Teams

1. On your teams channel, select “+” to add a new tab

2.Select “Planner” icon to add Microsoft Planner as a new tab on your channel

3.Select “Create a new plan” to name your plan. Your plan name will show up as your tab name

4.Click “Save” to complete set up

Create and Manage Tasks

Add tasks to a plan

1.A new plan starts with a “To do” heading, but established plans might have named buckets instead.

2.Select “Enter a task name”.

3.Type the task name.

4.Do either of the following:

-Press “Enter” to create a task without a due date.
-Select “Set due date” and select a date. Then select Add Task to create a task with a due date.

5.After you add people and tasks to your plan, you can assign people to tasks.

Add an attachment to a task

1.Select the task to open the task window.

2.Select “Add attachment”.

3.Select File to attach a locally stored file, select “Link” to include a link, or select “SharePoint” to attach a file from a SharePoint site.

4.Navigate to and select the file you want to attach, or enter the link information.

  • *Note: When attaching a file, you can upload the file to OneDrive for the plan, or you can browse to find it if you’ve already uploaded it. If your file isn’t located on OneDrive for the plan, you can add a link to it instead.
  • *Note: The first time you attach a file, photo, or link to a task, that attachment becomes the task’s preview picture. It’s shown on the Board, and offers a quick way to identify the task and get to work.

Change the task grouping

1.Select “Group by” near the upper-right corner of the plan board.
2.Select available options of your preference

  • *Note: You are able to move your existing tasks around like cards. For example, if your status of your task is “Not Started”, you can simply drag the task to “In Progress” to change its status.

使用Microsoft Planner






在Microsoft Teams上設置Microsoft Planner

1.在您的團隊頻道上,選擇“ +”添加新標籤






1.新的計劃會隨即開啟,並以 “待辦事項” 做為標題開頭,但已建立的計劃可能會有已命名的貯體。

2.選取 “輸入工作名稱”。



-按 Enter 以建立沒有到期日的工作。
-選取 “設定到期日”,並選取一個日期。然後選取 “新增工作” 以建立有到期日的工作。




2.選取 “新增附件”。

3.選取 “檔案” 來附加儲存在本機的檔案、選取 “連結” 以加入連結,或是選取 “SharePoint” 以從 SharePoint 網站附加檔案。


  • *注意:附加檔案時,您可以將檔案上傳到計劃的 OneDrive,或者也可以瀏覽以尋找它 (如果已上傳它)。如果您的檔案不位於計劃的 OneDrive,您可以改為新增它的連結。
  • *注意:您第一次將檔案、相片或連結附加至工作時,附件會變成工作的預覽圖片。它會顯示在 “版面” 中,並提供快速的方式來識別工作並開始作業。


1.選取接近計劃版面右上角的 “分組依據”。

2.選取 “貯體”。

  • *注意:想要變更貯體名稱?選取貯體名稱進行變更。您甚至可以將 [待辦事項] 貯體重新命名為可能更有用的名稱。