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Manage your Requests with Microsoft Approvals on Microsoft Teams Now!

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Approvals in Microsoft Teams lets you easily create, manage, and share approvals directly from your hub for teamwork. You can quickly start an approval flow from the same place you send a chat, in a channel conversation, or from the Approvals app itself. Just select an approval type, add details, attach files, and choose approvers. Once submitted, approvers are notified and can review and act on the request.

Create an Approval Request

1. Launch your Microsoft Teams application and then Go to […] More Options to find the Approvals app. 

2. This is your Approvals app interface. You are able to view your previously received and sent requests here.

3. To make a new approvals request, click on [New approval request] on the top right of your screen. 

4. First, fill in the name of the request. It is best to keep it short and to the point so your approvers will know what this request is  about right away. Then, assign approvers to your approval request. You may assign more than 1 approvers.

Insert any necessary note or details to your request here, so your approvers will understand more about your request. 

5. If you have any documents supplemental to your request, click on add attachment and upload your document from your computer. 

6. As the default response to your approval requests are “Approved” and “Rejected”, you are able to customize the responses by turning on the custom responses toggle. Then, insert your desired responses. Once you are done, click [Send] to confirm.

7. After you have submitted your new request, it will be shown under the “Sent” section and the status is marked as “Requested”. 


Manage Approval Request from your Teammates 

1. When your teammate assigns you as an approver on their new approvals request, you will receive a new notification shown on “Activities”.

2. You may take action to this approval request here directly, or go back to the Approvals app.

3. Same as before, click on approvals on the left navigation bar and this will take you back to the approvals app.

4. On your Approvals app, go to “Received” and find any outstanding requests. The status of the requests should be marked as “Requested”. 

5. Click on the approval request to review all details. You may view the attached document which opens up a web browser for you to view or edit the document when needed. You can also insert comments regarding to the request. Customized responses will be shown here, and you may then click on your choice to confirm.

6. As you can see, the request has been marked from requested to “good to go”.  You may click on the request to view its details for future reference.

Utilizing Approvals app on Microsoft Teams Channels and Chats 

1. Besides managing approvals within the app, you are also able to utilize the approvals app within your Microsoft teams channels. After going to the channel, click on [New Conversation] and find the [Approvals] button. 


2. Same as before, you can name your request, assign approvers, and etc.

However, please be reminded that only users from your Teams channel can be assigned as approvers. You are also able to do the same to your 1-1 or group chat conversations.

Microsoft Teams中的 Approvals 使您可以直接創建、管理和共享批准流程以進行團隊合作。 您可以從聊天室、 Teams Channel 對話中、或從 Approvals 應用程式中快速開始批准流程。 您只需要選擇批准類型,添加詳細信息,附加文件並選擇批准者即可。 提交後,批准者會收到通知,然後可以審查請求並根據請求採取行動。


1.啟動您的 Microsoft Teams 應用程式,然後到[…]更多選項以找到 Approvals 應用程式。

2.這是您的 Approvals 應用程式界面。 您可以在此處查看以前收到和發送的請求。

3. 要提出新的批准請求,請單擊屏幕右上方的[新的批准請求]

4.首先,填寫請求的名稱。 我們建議把請求名稱簡短,以便您的批准者立即知道此請求的含義。 然後,將批准人分配給您的批准請求。 您可以分配一個以上的批准者。


5.如果您有補充要求的任何文檔,請單擊 [添加附件],然後從電腦中上載您的文檔。

6.由於對批准請求的默認答覆為“批准”和“拒絕”,因此您可以通過打開自定義答覆切換來自定義答覆。然後,插入所需的答覆。完成後,單擊 [發送] 確認。




2.您可以在此處直接對此批准請求執行操作,或返回到 Approvals 應用程式。

3.單擊左側導航欄上的 Approvals,這將帶您返回到Approvals 應用程式。

4.在 Approvals 應用程式上,切換到 “已收到”,然後尋找所有未完成的請求。未完成的請求的狀態應標記為“已請求”。




在 Microsoft Teams 頻道和聊天中使用Approvals應用程序

1.除了在 Approvals 應用程式中管理請求之外,您還可以在Microsoft Teams 頻道中利用 Approvals 應用程式。轉到頻道後,單擊 [新對話] 並找到 [Approvals] 按鈕。

2. 您可以跟在 Approvals 應用程式中一樣,命名請求,分配批准者等。

但是,請注意,只能將您Microsoft Teams 頻道中的用戶分配為批准者。您也可以對1-1或群聊進行相同的操作。