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Organize a Microsoft Teams Webinar

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You can now organize and hold interactive webinars for up to 1,000 attendees with Microsoft Teams. If you need to reach more than 1,000 attendees, Teams meetings can seamlessly scale to accommodate a 10,000-person view-only broadcast experience. During this time of increased remote work, Microsoft announced that the attendee limit will go up to 20,000 by the end of 2021.

imple as setting up a Teams meeting—but with additional features including custom registration pages and attendee emails, rich presentation options, host controls, such as the ability to disable attendee chat and video, and post-event reporting to understand participation and to follow up with attendees.

Organize a Teams Webinar 

1. Launch your Microsoft Teams app and go to the Calendar page. On the drop down menu on the top right, expand it and select “Webinar”. This will open a new new window and you can now insert details to your webinar.

2. First, you may notice an option on top saying “Require Registration”. This is where you decide whether you would want your attendees to fill in a registration form or not. You may disable it by selecting “None” , or select “People in your organization” or “Everyone” (which will be released soon).

3. Then, select “View registration form” to set up your registration form. 

4. First, you may upload a background image to your registration form – it could be your company logo or a background with your company branding. 

5. Then, insert the title and all the details such as date and time to your webinar. Under the “Add a description” text box, you can also insert info about your webinar such as the webinar agenda to have your attendees understand the purpose and rundown of the webinar a bit more. You can also highlight your webinar speakers by inserting their name and their bio here.

6. The section on the right is where you define the questions to be asked on the registration form. 

7. Click “Add field” to add more options. If this is a required question, please check the “Required” box.  

8. Once completed, select “Save”. Then, preview your registration form here, and if everything looks ok, select “X” to close this window.

9. On the details page,  you may insert your webinar details again, such as the webinar title and date. Then, invite presenters to your webinar.

Roles in a Teams Meeting / Webinar:

10. You are also able to use the “Scheduling Assistant” feature to search for available timeslots for your presenters. Once completed, select “Send” to send your webinar invitation to the presenters.

11. You will then see the webinar calendar item on your calendar. The icon here on the bottom right indicates that this item is a webinar. To edit the details of the webinar, click on the calendar item and select “Edit”. You can also click on the calendar item to view it’s registration link, and copy it to forward the link to invite your attendees.

12. Here you are able to keep track on the registration. When you click “Registration”, an excel file will be exported and downloaded to your local PC for your own reference.

13. To join the webinar as a presenter, simply click the “Join” button. Then, configure your cameras, speakers and audio devices on the join screen. Click “Join Now” to join the webinar.

14. This webinar interface is the same as a teams meeting interface – you may turn your camera on, or share your screen here. There you go, you have organized a webinar! Have fun!

現在,您可以使用 Microsoft Teams 舉行多達 1,000 位有互動性的參加者的網絡研討會。 如果您需要覆蓋多過 1,000 名與會者,Teams 會議可以無縫擴展至 10,000 人的僅觀看廣播體驗。 在遙距工作需求增加的這段時間裡,微軟宣佈到 2021 年底,參加人數限制將提高到 20,000。

建立流程就像設置 Teams 會議一樣,但還有其他功能,包括自定義登記頁面、發送電子郵件給參加者、演示選項、控制參加者(例如禁用與會者聊天和視頻的功能)以及活動後報告以了解參與情況和跟進情況。

建立 Teams 網上研討會

1. 啟動您的 Microsoft Teams 應用程式,並轉到 “日曆” 頁面。在右上角的下拉菜單上,展開並選擇 “網上研討會 / Webinar”。這將打開一個新的新窗口,您現在可以插入網上研討會的詳細資料。

2. 首先,您可能會注意到頂部有 “需要註冊” 的選項。您可以在此處決定是否希望參加者填寫登記表格。您可以選擇 “無” 來豁免參加者填寫登記表格,或者選擇 “組織中的人員” 或 “所有人”(此功能即將發布)。

3. 然後,選擇 “查看登記表格” 以設置您的登記表格。

4. 首先,您可以上傳背景圖片到您的登記表格中 – 它可以是您的公司徽標或改網上研討會的資訊。

5. 然後,您可以輸入網上研討會的標題、日期和時間。在 “添加說明” 下,您還可以插入有關您的網上研討會的信息,例如網上研討會的流程,讓您的參加者更多地了解該研討會的目的和概要。您還可以通過在此處插入講者的姓名和簡歷來介紹您的網上研討會講者。

6. 右側部分是您定義要在登記表格中的問題的地方。

7. 單擊 “添加選項” 以添加更多選項。如果這是必填問題,請勾選 “必填” 框。

8. 完成後,選擇 “保存”。然後,在此處預覽您的登記表格,如果一切正常,請選擇 “X” 關閉此窗口。

9. 在詳細信息頁面,您可以再次輸入您的網上研討會詳細信息,例如網絡研討會名稱和日期。然後便可以邀請該網絡研討會的講者。

Teams 會議/網上研討會中的角色和權限:

10. 您還可以使用 “排程小幫手” 功能為您的講者搜索可用的時間進行研討會。完成後,選擇 “發送” 將您的網上研討會邀請發送給講者。

11. 發送後,您將在日曆上看到網上研討會的日曆項目。右下角的圖標表示該項目是網絡研討會。要編輯網上研討會的詳細信息,請單擊日曆項目並選擇 “編輯”。您還可以單擊日曆項目以查看其註冊鏈接,並將其複制以轉發鏈接以邀請您的參加者。

12. 在這裡您可以跟踪研討會的註冊情況。當您點擊 “註冊” 時,Teams 將導出一個Excel 文件並下載到您的電腦以供您參考。

13. 要以演示者身份加入網上研討會,只需單擊 “加入” 按鈕。然後,在加入屏幕上配置您的攝像頭、揚聲器和音頻設備。點擊 “立即加入” 加入網上研討會。

14. 此網絡研討會界面與團隊會議界面相同 – 您可以在此處打開相機或共享屏幕等等。好了,您已經成功組織了一次網絡研討會!