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4 Microsoft Outlook Tips with Office365 Integration

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This month we will be introducing 4 Microsoft Outlook features on Outlook Desktop client and Outlook Web App (OWA) with integrations with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneNote. We hope you can make the best out of your Microsoft365 Suite and utilize all Office365 applications. 

4 Microsoft Outlook Tips with Office365 Integration

Feature #1  – Set Microsoft Teams Meeting as the default meeting method on Outlook Meetings

1. With the increasing demands of remote work, many companies primarily use Microsoft Teams meetings to remain productive.

2. Normally when you schedule a meeting, you will need to click the [Teams Meeting] add-in icon in the ribbon on the new meeting window.

3. With this feature, you can enable the Teams Meeting option by default. To do so, go to [File], then click [Options].

4. This will open up the [Outlook Options] window. Select [Calendar] on this window.

4. Under [Calendar Options], enable [Allow online meetings to all meetings], and click [Ok] to confirm.

5. After this option is enabled, when you schedule a meeting on Microsoft Outlook, all meetings will a Microsoft Teams meeting by default with a meeting link will be generated automatically.

Feature #2 – Share email messages to Microsoft Teams chat, groups, or channels

1. You can directly share a specific email message to Microsoft Teams using this feature. The shared email will be converted to a .eml file, so you and your teammates can keep record for future reference.

2. To do so, click on the specific email message, and click on the [Share to Teams] button on top. 

 3. This window will pop up on your screen. Under [Share to], insert the name of your recipient, your group name, or your channel name. I am now inserting demouser1 as my recipient. Then, click [Share].

4. This page indicates that you have successfully shared the email message to your destination. 

5. When you open the chat room with the specified recipient, you can see that the email message has been sent to the user directly.

Feature #3 – Send email content to Microsoft OneNote for note taking purposes

1. You can easily send the content of an email message to Microsoft OneNote. It could be used for taking meeting minutes from the email message, or keeping the content of an informative or useful email on your OneNote notebook for future reference.

2. First, select the specific email message. Then, go to the […] button on your top right corner. Select the [OneNote] button. 

3. A new window will pop up asking you to select the location of notebook where you want to share your email content to. After you have selected your destination, select [Ok].


4. Then, Microsoft OneNote will launch on your device and the email content will be sent to your OneNote notebook page.

Feature #4 – Utilize OneNote Feed for quick note taking on Outlook Web App (OWA)

1. OneNote feed is an extension on your OWA, and it is integrated with your OneNote in Office365. You can quickly highlight keywords, paragraphs, or the entire body of your email to send to OneNote feed directly.

2. To enable OneNote feed on your OWA, go to the top right and select the [OneNote Feed] button. 

3. A new section named [OneNote Feed] will be added to the right of your screen.

4. To quickly add a note, you can select [Add a Note], and start inserting your content. 

5. By clicking the […] button on the top right corner, you can also change the color of your note. Click the arrow button on the left to go back.

6. To add keywords, paragraphs, or email content to OneNote feed, simply highlight the content and click [Add Note] on the top objects menu. This should be the second button on the objects menu.

7. As you can see, the highlighted content has been sent to your OneNote Feed. You can perform simple text editing features or  make the items a bullet point list. Also, you can insert a picture to your note.

8. All notes added to your OneNote feed will also be added to your Microsoft OneNote. On the top right corner of your OneNote, you can see the [Open Feed] button on the top right corner. Click on it to enable OneNote Feed on your OneNote. As you can see, your notes taken from OWA has been synced here.

9. To copy and paste your notes to your OneNote notebook, simply click the […] button on your note and select [Copy to Clipboard], then paste the notes to your notebook.

10. This is great when you would like to quickly jot down some items from emails on OWA and edit on your OneNote notebook later.

The above are all the feature I would like to share with you today. We hope that you can utilize the above features and make the best use of Office365 applications.

本月,我們將會介紹 4 個 Microsoft Outlook 與Microsoft Teams 跟 Microsoft OneNote 集成的功能。所介紹的功能可以在大家的 Outlook 桌面客戶端和 Outlook Web App (OWA)使用。我們希望大家可以充分利用 Microsoft365 中的應用程式。

4 個Microsoft Outlook 與Office365 集成的功能

功能 #1 – 將 Microsoft Teams 會議設置為 Outlook 會議上的默認會議模式

1. 隨著遙距工作需求的增加,許多公司主要使用 Microsoft Teams 會議來保持工作效率。

2. 通常在安排會議時,您需要單擊新會議窗口功能區中的 [Teams 會議] 加載 Teams 會議或生成會議鏈接。

3. 使用此功能,您便可以默認啟用 Teams 會議的選項。為此,請去 [文件],然後單擊 [選項]

4. 這將打開 [Outlook 選項] 窗口。在此窗口中選擇 [日曆]

4. 在 [日曆選項]下,勾選 [允許所有會議為在線會議],然後點擊 [Ok]確認。

5. 啟用此選項後,當您在 Microsoft Outlook 上安排會議時,所有會議將默認為 Microsoft Teams 會議,並會自動生成會議鏈接。

功能#2 – 與 Microsoft Teams 聊天室、群組或頻道共享電子郵件

1. 您可以使用此功能直接將特定電子郵件共享到 Microsoft Teams 中的聊天室、群組、或者 Teams 頻道。共享的電子郵件將轉換為 .eml 文件,以便您和您的隊友可以保留記錄以備將來參考。

2. 單擊該電子郵件訊息,然後按頂部的 [分享至 Teams] 按鈕。

3. 此窗口將在您的屏幕上彈出。在 [共享至] 下,輸入收件人姓名、群組名稱或頻道名稱。我現在會輸入 Demouser1 作為我的收件人。然後點擊 [分享]

4. 此視窗表示您已成功將電子郵件信息分享到 Microsoft Teams 的目的地。

5. 在 Microsoft Teams 打開收件人的聊天室,便可以看到郵件已經直接發送給用戶了。

功能 #3 – 將電子郵件內容發送到 Microsoft OneNote 以作筆記

1. 您可以輕鬆地將電子郵件的內容發送到 Microsoft OneNote。這個功能可用於從電子郵件中撰寫會議記錄,或將有用的電子郵件的內容保存在 Microsoft OneNote 筆記本上以供將來參考。

2. 首先,選擇特定的電子郵件。然後,轉到右上角的 […] 按鈕。然後再選擇 [OneNote] 按鈕。

3. 彈出的新窗口會要求您選擇要將電子郵件內容共享到的筆記本位置。選擇目的地後,選擇 [Ok]

4. 然後,Microsoft OneNote 將在您的桌面裝置上啟動,而您便會看到電子郵件內容已經傳送到您的 Microsoft OneNote 筆記本頁面。

功能 #4 – 利用 OneNote Feed 在 Outlook Web App (OWA) 上快速筆記

1. OneNote Feed 是您 OWA 上的一個擴展應用程式,它與你在 Office365 中的OneNote 集成。您可以快速選取關鍵字、段落或電子郵件的整個正文,然後直接發送到 OneNote Feed。

2. 要在您的 OWA 上啟用 OneNote Feed,請轉到右上角並選擇 [OneNote Feed] 按鈕。

3. 屏幕右側將新增一個名為 [OneNote Feed] 的分區。

4. 要快速添加新筆記,您可以選擇 [添加筆記],然後開始輸入您的內容。

5. 通過點擊右上角的 […] 按鈕,您還可以更改筆記的顏色。您可以單擊左側的箭頭按鈕返回。

6. 要將關鍵字、段落或電子郵件內容添加到 OneNote Feed,只需選取顯示內容並單擊頂部菜單上的 [添加筆記]。這應該是菜單上的第二個按鈕。

7. 如您所見,已經選取的內容已發送到您的 OneNote Feed。您可以執行簡單的文本編輯功能或將項目設為項目符號列表。此外,您可以在筆記中插入圖片。

8. 所有添加到您的 OneNote Feed 的筆記也將添加到您的 Microsoft OneNote。在 Microsoft OneNote 的右上角,您可以看到右上角的 [打開 Feed] 按鈕。單擊它以在 OneNote 上啟用 OneNote Feed。如您所見,您從 OWA 記錄的筆記已在此處同步。

9. 要將筆記複製並粘貼到 OneNote 筆記本,只需單擊筆記上的 […] 按鈕並選擇 [複製到剪貼板],然後將筆記粘貼到筆記本便可。

10. 當您想從 OWA 上的電子郵件中快速記下一些項目並稍後在 OneNote 筆記本上進行編輯時,這非常有用。

以上就是我今天想和大家分享的所有功能。我們希望您能夠利用以上功能,充分利用Office365 應用程序