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Learn How to Insert a Linked Excel Chart to your PowerPoint Slides now!

You can insert and link a chart from an Excel workbook into your PowerPoint presentation. When you edit the data in the spreadsheet, the chart on the PowerPoint slide can be easily updated.

Insert a Linked Excel Chart 

 1. Open the Excel workbook that has the chart that you want. Save the workbook.

2. Select the chart.

3. On the [Home] tab, in the [Clipboard] group, click [Copy]  The Copy button .

4. Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want and select the slide that you want to insert the chart into.

5. On the  [Home] tab, in the [Clipboard] group, click the arrow below [Paste], and then do one of the following:

– If you want the chart to keep its look and appearance from the Excel file, select [Keep Source Formatting & Link Data]  The Keep Source Formating and Link Data button .

– If you want the chart to use the look and appearance of the PowerPoint presentation, select [Use Destination Theme & Link Data]  The Use Destination Theme and Link Data button .

Caution: If you were to subsequently move the Excel file to another folder, that would break the link between the chart in the PowerPoint presentation and the data in the Excel workbook.

Update the data that’s appearing in the chart

When the underlying Excel data has been changed in the workbook, you can make those changes be reflected in the chart that’s appearing in your presentation:

1.Open your Excel workbook.

2.Update the data on your Excel chart table

3.The data will be automatically updated on both your Excel workbook and PowerPoint slides.


您可以將 Excel 活頁簿中的圖表插入並連結至您的 PowerPoint 簡報。當您編輯試算表中的資料時,也能輕鬆更新 PowerPoint 投影片上的圖表。

在PowerPoint中連結Excel 圖表

  1. 1.開啟包含所要圖表的 Excel 活頁簿。儲存活頁簿。

  2. 2.選取圖表。

  3. 3.在 [常用] 索引標籤的 [剪貼簿] 群組中,按一下 [複製]  [複製] 按鈕 。

  4. 4.開啟所要的 PowerPoint 簡報,並選取想要插入圖表的投影片。

  5. 5.在 [常用] 索引標籤上的 [剪貼簿] 群組中,按一下 [貼上] 下方的箭號,然後執行下列其中一個動作:

  6. – 如果您想要圖表使用 PowerPoint 簡報的外觀,請選取 [使用目的地佈景主題並連結資料] [使用目的地佈景主題並連結資料] 按鈕 

  7. – 如果您想要保留圖表在 Excel 檔案中的外觀,請選取 [保持來源格式設定並連結資料] [保持來源格式設定並連結資料] 按鈕 

注意: 如果您之後打算將 Excel 檔案移至另一個資料夾,這會中斷 PowerPoint 簡報中的圖表與 Excel 活頁簿中資料之間的連結。


 當活頁簿中的基礎 Excel 資料受到變更,您可以讓這些變更反映在您簡報內的圖表上:
 1. 開啟你的Excel 活頁簿。
2. 更新你在Excel 活頁簿上的數據。
3. 活頁簿上的數據會在你Excel上及PowerPoint上的圖表作出自動更新。