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Exchange Email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Superhub Hosted Exchange?
    • Superhub Hosted Exchange is a Cloud email offering from Superhub based on Microsoft Exchange technologies. Our Hosted Exchange is built with active-active resiliency in multiple data centers.
  • Can I have a set of users using different versions of Hosted Exchange?
    • Yes. But different versions will not be able to see the Global Address book in the same view.
  • What offers are available for Superhub Hosted Exchange?
    • Customers can subscribe to Basic Plan or Anywhere plan. Basic only allows connection using webmail, POP3/IMAP while Anywhere has the full Outlook functionality.
  • What is the storage that I get if I subscribed to Basic or Anywhere Plan?
    • Anywhere plan offers 25Gb storage
    • Basic Plan offers 5 Gb storage
  • Can I recover my deleted items or mailbox?
    • Yes. Deleted Items can be recovered within 14 days while deleted Mailbox can be retrieved within 30 days.