M365 Experience Day (Modern+ Clients Only)

In the current climate of financial instability, hybrid working has become the new normal. Working collaboratively, productivity and efficiently with technologies is becoming more challenging. In our M365 Experience Day webinar, we will guide you through the different features that can help you work collaboratively and efficiently in the hybrid work environment and how it can help you overcome potential difficulties in your day-to-day work life. Come join the webinar today to make your hybrid working an easy and effective one. 



“Doing more with less” means maximizing the impact of Microsoft 365 solutions while simplifying licensing, management, and vendor landscapes. Pressures from the evolving global economy are requiring organizations like yours to reduce costs and optimize operations as they continue to shift to a world of hybrid work. Through the Do More with Less Workshop, we help customers identify these cost savings, while also realizing additional value.

The Do More With Less Workshop focuses on four areas of impact:

•  Eliminate Redundant Solutions.  Consolidating vendors can cascade cost savings throughout your organization. Our workshop will help you identify capabilities in Microsoft 365 that could optimize operations, improve business agility, and empower secure collaboration while enabling the full potential of hybrid work.

 Zero Trust foundations.  With a single integrated solution, you can secure and manage identities. Defend against threats on multiple platforms while protecting information across your data estate. A simplified IT environment with Microsoft 365 automates labor-intensive tasks and frees IT and security admins to transition their focus to higher-value activities.

•  Simplified endpoint management.  Use powerful tools in Microsoft 365 to improve support and reduce incidents, while empowering IT to deploy any endpoint from the cloud and deliver the best experience for users and support professionals with Windows 11.

•  Productivity and collaboration.  Get everyone working connected and working together from anywhere, at any time. Microsoft 365 enables new, efficient partners of work so employees can thrive in a hybrid work environment. And you can use the power of a unified system to empower employees and keep them engaged in today’s tremendously changed world of work.

You can expect to discover the underlying core cost savings you can capture for your organization. This workshop will bring these ideas to life and help you understand exactly how Microsoft 365 can empower you to deliver positive impact.

You will learn how to use our Value Calculator, which can help you identify specific savings opportunities for your business.

Join our workshop on exploring how to maximize the impact of your Microsoft 365 solutions.

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Aug 24, 2023 3:30pm – 5:30pm

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IT admin and End Users

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Superhub Workshop


Microsoft 365