Meet Our Managers

Eddy Kuk

Managing Partner

Eddy is obsessed with the idea of helping enterprises to work smarter with cloud technologies. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the work life of his teams and customers by adopting cloud. He is an avid hiker, runner, gym junkie, golfer, skier, and dragonboater.

Daniel Yim 

Partner, Product and Excellence

Innovation, corporate design and business excellence are key to keep Daniel enthusiastic about work. He loves to get his hands dirty with challenges of product development and business engineering. In his spare time, when Daniel is not playing rubik's cube, practicing dragonboat or training Spartan skills, he can be found in playing board games, ping pong, Saxophone or in playground with kids.

Peter Chow

Operations Director

Peter helps the business to have the best working environment and processes. He oversees the operations, as well as works with other departments to ensure everything runs smoothly in accordance with the guidelines. Outside office, Peter likes to study on the latest robotics and AI technology, looking for ways on how robotics and AI technology can transform human’s future.

Johnny Cheung

Business Development Director

Johnny is a proactive and capable mentor who has most enthusiasm in terms of the development of potential subordinate; the interaction with co-worker and also accompany the client along the way of their Cloud's journey.

One of his motto as motivation for himself that Cloud is intangible gear to enhance the collaboration of human being in order to get better on the life style.

In regard of balance life style, playing guitar is a significant element for Johnny during his leisure time. Through his music and his voice, he wishes to desire more sharing and communication with each of you. Looking forward to have a chance which could meet up at different way in future.

Leo Lee

Engineering Director

Leo has been delivering Microsoft solutions for over two decades. He always strives to develop the team to #worksmarter for the best results for customers.

During his leisure time, you may find Leo hiking on the trails, playing football, basketball, guitar, video games or simply window shopping with his family.

Freda Ho

Director, Marketing and Channel Development

Freda is keen to partner and collaborate with different expertise in the cloud and ICT industries, so that we can explore more possibilities in term of digital and product transformation.

Freda likes taking new challenges.  It is a way for her to explore her potentials.  She tried different initiatives like Oxfam Trailwalker, Back-packing, Bungy jump, Scuba diving and Taekwondo, etc.

Sannel Alcantara

IT Director

Sannel is very passionate about cloud technologies and how it can be used as a tool to improve everyone's life. He will get hooked in technology topics that greatly impact people and how they will change the ways we do things in the future.

As a true family man, he believes in work-life harmony and devotes time with his family while still connected at work through the power of cloud. As a self-confessed foodie, he is considered the best chef in world! - rated by his family.