is also known as Dedicated Private Cloud Hosting or Managed Private Cloud Hosting services. Private Cloud are built for the exclusive use of one client, providing the utmost control over data, security and quality of service. Built on dedicated and branded server running hyper-V, Superhub Managed Private Cloud service provides you with the best of both Cloud and Managed Service. Superhub Private Cloud Offers many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers but at a much lower price. Beside the price, Hyper-V virtual machines offer on-the-fly flexibility and scalability that gives it an edge over dedicated server hosting.
Key Features

Virtual Hardware Choices


Virtual dedicated server hosting plans offer choices of RAM, virtual CPU, bandwidth, IP addresses, RDP connections,underlying web servers such as Apache, IIS and databases such as MS SQL and mySQL

Improved 64-bit Architecture


Hyper-V VM supports an extensive array of device support methods

Extensive OS Support


Hyper-V VM supports both 32 and 64-bit systems across various server platforms: Windows, Linux and others

Symmetric Multiprocessor Support
  Hyper-V VM support as many as four symmetric multiprocessors in a virtual private server hosting environment
Network Load Balancing
  Virtual switch capabilities and NLB services compatibility of Hyper-V VM are useful for load balancing among virtual servers
Fast Migration
  Hyper-V virtual private server hosting enables users to conclude fast migration in a running machine from one host system to another
Virtual Machine Snapshot
  Ability to take snapshots of a running machine allows reversion to a previous state and improves recoverability in Hyper-V virtual server hosting




Why Superhub Private Cloud Hosting?


  Available 24/7/365 phone, e-mail and chat support from a Microsoft Gold Certified Engineers
  Support for multiple processors and cores and improved memory access in the virtual machines helps in scalability
  Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interfaces and APIs can be used to customize and extend functionality
  Easy to add resources
Total Control
  From administration to over whole control
  Reliable Infrastructure
  Powerful servers in multiple data centers to provide Managed Private Cloud service with 99.9% uptime
  Regular backups ensure that your data is never lost
  Compared to public cloud
Subscription - Month to Month Billing
  Monthly billing
  No long term contract
  Upgrade or downgrade virtual server plans any time