Superhub Migration


Partial Migration

Partial migration is one of the most popular migration strategies. In some organizations, if it is not necessary to migrate all elements or some equipments are not available for specific client machines, customers may require for a partial migration service. Partial migration allows for compartmentalization of systems or applications, which in turn enables testing or migration of less critical elements in your organizations without impacting the entire operations of the end users.

One of the key settings of Partial Migration is Co-existence. The most important elements of Co-existence are mail connectivity and directory synchronization.



Principle of Co-existence

Mail will flow to the On-premise Mail server. Migrated users will be setup with a forwarding rule to forward all
messages it receives to the forwarding sub domain ( which is configured as a secondary
email address of the migrated users in Superhub.


To find all users in Exchange Global address book, a contact for each non-migrated users must be added in Superhub Hosted Exchange Platform.