Combining the scalability and flexibility of the cloud with the enhanced security and performance of dedicated hosting, i.e. dedicated servers and storage and shared cloud servers and storage on the same network. 


Superhub has a range of hybrid hosting solutions, from standard setup to customized solutions, which enable you to enjoy the both benefits of using Private Cloud Hosting and Public Cloud Hosting. The data can be securely retained in the private cloud while the computation tasks can be carried out on the public cloud. 


With the Hybrid Cloud Hosting, as organization can reduce the storage costs as you can scale shared server access up or back as needed. In turns, you do not need to pay for the unused capacity. 


Superhub Hybrid Cloud 


What are the factors of considering Hybrid Cloud Hosting adoption? 

Connectivity between the Private & Public Clouds


It is anticipated certain amount of data to be transmitted between the cloud services and it requires certain bandwidth. To ensure the QoS and latency requirements are met, it is suggested to consider the traffic to be used as well. A secure VPN tunnel over the internet should be established between the private and public cloud services.


For more information about VPN, please check here.

Data Security


Private Cloud is considered as more secure relatively. Hence, the data from the private cloud has to be encrypted securely before it is transmitted to the the public cloud. An VPN tunnel connection can offer a rather secure data transit between the private and public cloud.

Access Control


As a user, you should be assigned as the only and specific role to decrypt the encrypted data stored in the public cloud.

Application Workload


If an organization always has to carry out Ad-hoc and dynamic workloads, hybrid cloud hosting is the best choice. For example, the applications are run on a private cloud under normal loading conditions while the sudden demands work are run on a public cloud. In some cases, an organization adopts the hybrid cloud hosting when it has to ensure business continuity, such as the production running on a private cloud while the DR being setup on a public cloud.

Storage and Data Management


There is no clear standard to define how the storage across the private and public cloud can be integrated. Nevertheless, using custom integration (cloud storage APIs) or cloud storage gateways, a heterogeneous cloud storage can be developed by integrating the private and public cloud storages.