Key Considerations to select a Suitable IT Solution

  • Is IT important in your organization and how important is?

    You may weight IT in your organization as any one of below:

    a. IT is important to our business. Our revenue relies on IT. Better IT will improve the company's bottom line.
    b. IT is important to the business but our revenue does not directly depend on IT, but IT systems are parted of company strategic plans.
    c. We don't use IT in our business

    Explicitly companies in the first two are more open-minded to IT deployment and will drive more benefits from using the latest technologies.

  • Do you have the budget for in-house IT infrastructure and if so, what is your next consideration?

    If your answer is Yes, you capital Expenditure on your IT infrastructure, such as servers, data centers and its extension, software licenses, networking and deployment cost and resources start mounting up soon. Also, you need to take these into consideration: ongoing costs incurred for system maintenance, software patching and upgrading and the expertise to administrate and control the IT solution, and many hidden costs, such as consultant fee, supports, management and downtime cost.

  • Do you have your own IT expertise for managing in-house infrastructure?

    If the answer is yes, deploying Hosted products and services / Managed services provided by outsourcing vendor enables you to better manage staff resources into more strategic plan aligned with the company growth. If the answer is no, as many SME business, no or even little IT expertise leave them headache in setting up IT infrastructure with limited IT knowledge and in handling ongoing change and challenges of the managed IT environment.

  • Are you targeting your business growing quickly and easily - Scalability?

    To make sure to leave flexibility of your business, leaving flexibility of the IT provision is a must. Paid setting up cost of in-house IT infrastructure limits the scalability while outsourcing hosted products and hosted services allow you to pay-as-you-go.

  • Do you need to work outsides and access information whenever and wherever you want?

    If you operates business in different sites and you staff need to travel around all the time, you should need a mobile working environment with synchronizing all information and email messages with different devices, provided by Hosted Services / Managed Services vendor, so that you and your staff can access email accounts wherever and whenever they are in and would not miss out any important messages and tasks.

  • Is it important to have round the clock technical support?

    When the IT platform, applications and services are not working properly, you own IT support can spend huge time in finding the cause and the solutions to solve the problems and you might only resume working after their findings, the next day in most of the cases. If you move your IT to hosted Services / Managed Services vendor, the responsibility is transferred to the vendor who provide 24/7 IT support. Your IT staff only focus on the managing the daily administration tasks, such as adjusting the storage resources, managing the security level, and so on with the help of Smart panel / Control panel provided by vendor. .

  • How do you cope with threats and data privacy? How much you put for security and data backup?

    Date security and privacy are crucial to a business. Security management and data backup can protect them from loss of data and threats attacks. Deploying solution for security and backup is time-consuming and relatively expensive and difficult to maintain. Hosted services vendor with strong and secure infrastructure backbone release you from deploying these solutions with difficulties and unexpected cost. Another hint to select a suitable hosted product and hosted services provider is to check if they have strong clients reference bases with high security concern, such as insurance companies, government sectors, and so forth.

  • Are you going to build up a strong IT partners one by one?

    Setting up an in-house infrastructure means you have to deal with different software, hardware and infrastructure providers. The time and resources cost spent on the researching bring you unexpected difficulties and cost. These steps including dealing with all the contractual issues are all experienced by Hosted Services / Managed Services Providers and they even go more to select the best vendors and build up a long-term and strong partner relationship with the third parties as they rely on these to provide you the SLA and keep abreast of the most updated software, hardware and infrastructure, which is a also hint of selecting a suitable Hosted Products and Hosted Services provider.



Most Popular FAQ


  • How to export an Outlook 2010 pst file?

    1. Open Outlook 2010.

    2. Go to File - Open and then click on Import.

    3. Select Export to a file and then click Next.

    4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click on Next.

    5. Select the top-most folder, check the box Include subfolders and then click on Next.

    6. Click on the Browse button.

    7. Decide where you will export the .pst file and then click on OK.

    8. Click on Finish.

    9. A password box will pop up. Leave all fields blank and just click on OK.

  • How to download your offline Address Book in Outlook 2010?

    1. Go to Send / Receive - Send/receive Groups - Download Address Book.

    2. In the new window, click on OK.

    3. When the Outlook Send/Receive Progress window disappears, the address book will be done downloading.

  • How to add another person’s mailbox to your Outlook 2010 profile

    Important: You need to have full access rights on the mailbox you wish to add to your profile. To get full access permissions, go to the Control Panel as the administrator, click on the user you wish to view and then click on Permissions. Make sure your user is added as having full access.

    1. Open Outlook 2010.

    2. Click on File.

    3. Under the Info header, click on the Account Settings button and then on the Account Settings tab.

    4. Click on Change.

    5. Click the More Settings button.

    6. Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Add.

    7. Enter the email address of the delegated mailbox in the Add mailbox field.

    8. Click on Apply and then on OK. Outlook will now be busy accessing the other mailbox’s data, so this may take a while.

    9. Back on the Change Account window, click on Next and then on Finish.

    10. Close the Account Settings window. You should now see both mailboxes in your Outlook profile.

  • Can I synchronize SharePoint 2010 Contacts, Tasks or Calendar with Outlook?

    Exchange 2010 customers can connect to Hosted SharePoint Services Contacts, Tasks, Calendar or Document Library, make changes, and have those changes automatically synchronized back to the SharePoint site.


    1. 。While you can add to, edit or delete items in Contacts, Tasks or Calendar, you can only edit items in the Document Library. It is not possible to add or remove documents from the SharePoint Document Library via Outlook 2007/2010.
    2. 。Prior to connecting SharePoint Contacts, Tasks, Calendar or Document Library to Outlook 2007/2010, we recommend that you configure a Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook 2007/2010 for the user.
    3. 。Make sure that the user is granted sufficient access permissions to SharePoint Contacts, Tasks, Calendar or Document Library.


    To add SharePoint Services to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007/2010:

    1. 1. In your web browser, open a Windows SharePoint Services contact list.
    2. 2. Choose List under List Tools, and then click Connect to Outlook in the Connect & Export section.
    3. 3. When prompted to connect the SharePoint list to Outlook, click OK.
    4. 4. In Outlook 2007/2010, the list is added and in the Folder list you will see a top-level folder called "SharePoint Lists".You will also see your SharePoint contacts in the Navigation Pane, under Other Contacts in Contacts, as shown in the following screenshot. The same applies to Calendar or Tasks.

    Note: Synchronization only works when using Outlook 2007/2010. It does not function properly in Outlook 2003. If using Outlook 2003, all changes to the SharePoint Contacts must be made within SharePoint.



    Here are some possible synchronization issues and solutions:

    • 。The Connect to Outlook menu is not listed under Actions. Please make sure that you have an account on Exchange 2007 or 2010 and you have Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 installed on your computer.
    • 。When trying to connect a SharePoint list to Outlook, you may get the error message: "You do not have permission to view this SharePoint List (Company Site - Corporate Contacts). Contact the SharePoint site administrator. HTTP 401." Please verify that the user has appropriate access permissions to the necessary SharePoint list.
    • 。When trying to connect a SharePoint list to Outlook, you may get the error message: "An error occured either in Outlook or SharePoint. Contact the SharePoint site administrator." Please verify whether you use custom columns for the list. Some columns may not be able to synchronize with Outlook and thus cause the error.

  • How to Create and Join a Lync Online Meeting

    You can invite external contacts as well as the people from your company to have Online Meeting. All people invited will be able to join the conversation whilst the presenters will be managing the meeting.


    1. Start Outlook and navigate to Calendar, click New Online Meeting on the ribbon.

     Lync2010 Meeting 001


    2. Invite attendees by typing their email address in the To field or click To to select them from Address Book.


    3. Before you send the meeting out, you can customize it. Click Meeting options.


    4. On the tab Access and Presenters, specify who can join the meeting bypasing the lobby and who can be a presenter. 


    5. If you select Remember settings all future Online Meetings will have these settings.


    6. Send your meeting to attendees.

    Lync2010 Meeting 002


    7. To join an Online Meeting, go to Calendar, open the meeting and click Join Online meeting on the ribbon. Lync dialogue window with other participants will start.

     Lync2010 Meeting 003

  • How to use Lync Mobile on Apple iOS mobile - iPhone

    1. Download Microsoft Lync 2010 app and install on the device.


    2. Launch the Lync 2010 app and will see the Login page.

    Lync2010 iphone 001


    3. Input your username, the email address for the mailbox.


    4. Click More details.


    5. Turn off the Auto-Detect Server.


    6. Input External Discovery address and Internal Discovery address, which are provided by Superhub.

    Lync2010 iphone 002


    7. Tap Sign-In button.


  • How to use Lync Mobile on Android devices

    1. Download and install Lync mobile app on device from Android Market.


    2. Launch the Lync 2010 app and will see the Login page, tap Menu on the device.

    Lync2010 Andriod 001


    3. Tap Options.

    Lync2010 Andriod 002


    4. Tap Server settings.


    5. Insert Username: primary email address of user you are setting up.

    Lync2010 Andriod 003


    6. Uncheck the Auto-Detect Server.


    7. Input External Discovery address and Internal Discovery address, which are provided by Superhub.


    8. Tap Done and return to the first screen.

     Lync2010 Andriod 004


    9. Fill in the Sign-in address and Password of your mailbox.


    10. Tap Sign-In.

    Lync2010 Andriod 005



  • How to use Lync Mobile on Window Phone

    1. Download and install Lync mobile app on device.


    2. Launch the Lync mobile client and fill in the Sign-in address and Password of your mailbox.


    3. Tap More Details.

    Lync2010 WinPhone 001


    4. Fill in the User name, i.e. email address.


    5. Turn off the Auto-Detect Server.

    Lync2010 WinPhone 002 


    6. Input External Discovery address and Internal Discovery address, which are provided by Superhub.


    7. Ready for use.



  • How to access CRM help documentation

    CRM help documentation can be obtained by signing into CRM through a web-browser and selecting the Resource Center option in the lower left hand corner.

    CRM helpDoc 001

    The resource center contains a large amount of useful and update documents that will help you manage your CRM service.

  • How to create a Campaign

    1. Click on the Marketing tab, then click on Campaigns and finally, click on New.

    CRM Campaign 001


    2. In the General tab: name your campaign, select a Status Reason and a Currency and fill in whatever you think is an important field for your campaign. Click on Save (not Save and Close).

    CRM Campaign 002


    3. Click on Target Marketing Lists

    CRM Campaign 003


    4. Click on Add Existing Marketing List to select your marketing list.

    CRM Campaign 004


    5. In the Look Up Records window and Select the desired marketing list and Add.

    CRM Campaign 005


    6. Uncheck Add the marketing lists to open undistributed campaign activities in the current campaign, and then click on OK.

    CRM Campaign 006


    7. Click on Save and close.

  • How to create a Marketing lists

    1. Click the Marketing tab, then click Marketing Lists and then click New.

    CRM MktList 001


    2. In the Marketing List: New window, enter a name your marketing list in the Name field. Select the type of the members in the Member Type dropdown menu. Fill in any necessary field and click the Save icon (not Save and Close).

    CRM MktList 002


    3. Click Marketing List Members and then click Manage Members (over the records list).


    4. In the Manage Members window, select the way you want to find your members. In this example Use Lookup to add members was selected. Click OK.

    CRM MktList 003


    5. Click the lookup icon on the right side of the Search for records field.


    6. You can select records from the Available records area and click Add >> button. Selected records will appear in the Selected records area. If you want to include a contact that does not exist yet in your CRM system then click New to create it. Click OK when you are done selecting records.

    CRM MktList 004


    7. Click on Save and Close.


    8. The new marketing list will then be visible in the Marketing Lists window.

    CRM MktList 005