Comparison Between Superhub and other Online Products Provider


Why Superhub Offer, not others?



Other Online Products Provider





Your Online IT Outsourcing Partner

Rich experience in managing cloud / hosting environment, data centers, infrastructures, Cloud Products and Internet services.

Online Product Provider


















All-around Total

Hosting Solutions
  • Microsoft Exchange, Lync, CRM, SharePoint, Cloud Backup and Archiving
  • Public, Private and Dedicated Cloud Solution
  • Setup, AD sync, backup, control policy, coding, reporting and workflow
Internet Products
  • Broadband, 3G, DNS, Web hosting and IPVPN
Server Hosting
  • Colocation and VPS

Product Focus

Products Only

  • Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint (no workflow customized by provider) and Archiving (some Enterprise plan only)


  • Public Cloud Only

No Customization

  • DNS for small business plans only

Not an Internet Service Provider

No Server Hosting






Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud, Customization, AD Sync, Migration, Backup


Product Only



Usage-Based or User-Based

No need to plan resources in advance


Charge per user no matter use or not

Pricing and Packaging









Combination of multiple plans within one organization (Mix and Match)

  • Charged by features use;
  • Charged by actual usage;
  • Charged based on your unique requirements;
  • So you would not pay for things that you don't use;

Fixed Price Plan

  • Charged per user;
  • Not all plans are switchable, e.g. cannot switch between small business plan and midsize businesses and enterprises plan;

Data Location and




Your data will never leave Hong Kong

Your data may be stored overseas

This could introduce privacy threats and legal complexities as data stored overseas may not be protected by Hong Kong's data privacy laws.


Why Superhub Support Excellence, not others?



Other Online Products Provider


Customization Support


We offer coding, design and setting services to change the product suiting your unique business and policy needs


Contract made with 3rd party partner who have no access right to platform

Migration Support

YES, by Certified IT professional

  • Full support in data migration;
  • Full support in domain migration;
  • Full support in partial migration;


Customers need to do it themselves or to hire 3rd party.

ONLY manual in English is available for customers to do own setting.

Account Support


Dedicated Account Relationship Manager
  • Understand your background, contract and requirements;
  • Advise best solutions for you;
  • Make necessary adjustments for your business;

NOT directly conducted by service provider, but through 3rd party partner who:

  • make contract with you and upcharge with consultation fee only
  • have no access right to platform and cannot make adjustment for your business setting
Device Level Support


Smartphone, Desktop, Tablets and Server


Direct you to forum community and check answer by yourself

Manual in English provided for customers own setting

Remote Support


Remote help desk to do setting and configuration

NOT directly conducted by service provider, but through 3rd party partner who:

  • will charge you extra $$$$
  • have no access right to platform
Hardware Support                     for private cloud


Same day replacement for private cloud users


Public Cloud service available Only

Extra charged $$$$ by 3rd party partner who have no access right to platform

Local Language Support


Cantonese, English and Mandarin (on request)


Only in English and other foreign languages

Email Support


Chinese and English


Only in English

Hotline Support


With Service Level Agreement (SLA) 85% ticket closed on within 2 day

NO phone support for Small Business (SB) plans (less than 25 users)

Limited phone support for Midsize Business (MB) plans.

Enterprise plans offers phone support for "critical needs":

  • 1st step: direct you to forum community to state your question and someone would answer you in the forum;
  • unknown response time and passively wait for answer;
  • 2nd step: virtual agent phone service in English only with machine translation.
Professional Support


Certified engineers direct support

NOT directly conducted by service provider, but through 3rd party partner who have no access right to the platform and investigate the issue
SLA Uptime Guarantee

99.99% uptime SLA

99.9% uptime SLA