Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that empowers businesses with a thorough understanding of their customers from initial contact, through the sales process to post-sales customer support and service.


What is Superhub Hosted CRM? 

Web-enabled CRM solutions to automate day-to-day tasks for sales, marketing and customer service


Process-focused ensure well-defined processes executed across organization to give real-time visibility into customer interactions and business operations

SuperHub offers different solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM based on customer needs. An important differentiator between these solutions is how much is shared and isolated across different customers. 

Multi Tenant Model

Hybrid Model

Dedicated Model

Suits most for customers who benefit from shared infrastructure which is highly available and in high resilience configuration. Customers have its own data but sharing the applications with others, maximizes on the scale of the platform while minimizing costs.




For those customers who need to deploy custom API code or other applications to their Dynamics CRM application servers. The required platform would be installed, but SuperHub would own all equipment and would manage the licensing and all other aspects of the solution. In this way, the client achieves the hands-off management benefits without compromising their security.



For customers who does not want to share anything. A Fully Dedicated solution deployment allocating dedicated hardware to the client to operate Windows Server, SQL Server, and Dynamics CRM application servers allowing the customer freedom to customize what they need, without the need to worry about default system configurations


Why Superhub Hosted CRM?
Real-time Web Service Interface
Powerful Reporting - user-friendly and fully customized 
Subscription payment without upfront software or hardware installation cost
Full Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95% to ensure hotline, email and line quality during hour
7 x 24 Monitoring & Control Panel