PC & Server Backup

Data is the main asset of any company and no risk of data loss could be afforded. In daily operation, however, data loss could easily happen and upredictable due to hardware malfunction, human error, software corruption, virus attacking and even natural disaster. Selecting a trusted backup to protect all your vital data is not a second to wait. With Superhub service, backup all your PC and server now!




Comparison between Superhub's Backup Solution and Traditional


Superhub's Backup SolutionTraditional Backup



Automated and on-demand



Human Operation >> human errors

Direct, simple and secure manage and convenient for backup data of any sizes Bad versioning control >> high failure rate when using multiple devices and easy to lose
Backup on cloud with Encryption Local Backup >> local disaster
Fast and work under slow network conditions, de-duplication data Time consuming
Verify integrity of the backed up data automatically and ensure 100% restorability Lack of backup data integrity checking
Cost for secure off-site backup is extremely low Costly for off-site storage
Backup all servers, desktop and laptops Not easy to backup desktop and laptop computers
Low total cost of ownership High total cost of ownership





Features & Benefits of Superhub's Backup Solution





Enterprise-class; supporting Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix



Reliable, secure and easy

Cloud service Highly scalable
Incremental / Differential Backup Backup large volume of data within a very short period of time

Trusted and first class data centers

Stringent physical access controls to assets
No capital cost No need to invest in storage hardware and software
99.9% uptime guarantee; fully managed by professional engineers Peace of mind