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White Labeller








Telecom, ISP, Mobile Operator, ISV, Sizeable Company or Known Company



SI who want to extend reach, build recurring revenue and increase customer stickiness



SI, existing customers, individual

Product Cloud Hosting Products Cloud Hosting Products Cloud Hosting Products
Benefit Monthly Margin (30-60%) Monthly Margin (10-30%) 1 month subscription fee
Pricing White Labeller decides Superhub decides Superhub decides
Brand White Labeller brand Superhub Superhub
Contract with Superhub White Labeller agreement Reseller Agreement but no minimum commitment No need
Billing / Contract with End users White Labeller Reseller or Superhub Superhub
End Users Technically Supported by

1st Tier: White Labeller + Smart Panel

2nd Tier: Superhub

Reseller or Superhub Superhub

Smart Panel

(Control Panel and Online Market Place)

Both White Labeller and End Users Both Reseller and End Users End Users